Tuesday, February 10, 2015

GOOD FOR THEM (BUT NOT FOR YOU): Nine Neighborhood Cops Promoted, Sending Manpower To New Record Low

UPDATE 12:43AM FEB 11 - The promotion list is out. Nine 19th district cops are leaving to become detectives, not eight as previously reported below.
The Chicago Police Department this week announces the promotions of 100 police officers into its detective division and sources within the department have told CWB that a good number of those new detectives will be taken from the streets of our grossly understaffed 19th district.

While the list of officers being moved has not yet been made public, multiple sources who are familiar with the movements have told us that about eight 19th district officers will be moving out.

As CWB reported on Sunday, the police department is not allowing any officers to transfer into our district this month. That’s despite the fact that the district's manpower neared an all-time low in January.

343 officers were assigned to our area last month, down 27% from the 468 cops assigned here in late 2011. The district’s staffing low point of 340 cops came last March.

The newly-announced detective promotions are certain to set a new low.
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