Wednesday, February 11, 2015

COURT REPORT: 4-Year Terms For Lake View Robbery Offender; 47 Counts Against Alleged Boystown Sex Trafficker

Smith (Illinois Dept of Corrections)
A wave of robberies rolled through nearby Lake View early on September 14, 2013, as five victims reported being robbed and sometimes beaten by a groups of two to six men.

On Friday, an 18-year-old pleaded guilty to being involved in two of those crimes.

Thomas Smith received two four-year terms to be served concurrently after he pleaded guilty to one count of robbery and one count of attempted armed robbery.

Smith was charged with being part of a group that attacked and robbed a victim near Clifton and School at 1:30AM that day. He was also charged in connection with one of two robberies at gunpoint that played out two hours later at Southport and Roscoe.

No one else was charged in connection with these two crimes.

Grand Jury Returns 47 Counts Against Iowa Teen

Mahalbasic (Cook Co. Sheriff's Dept)
An 18-year-old Waterloo, Iowa, man has seen his legal challenges go from bad to extremely bad after a Cook County grand jury returned a 47-count, 98-page “true bill” in connection with alleged sex trafficking at a Belmont Avenue hotel.

Ferid Mahalbasic was originally charged last month with involuntary servitude and involuntary sexual servitude of a  minor after he allegedly brought two teenage girls, one of whom is a minor, to Chicago from Iowa.

Once they were here, proseuctors allege, Mahalbasic began offering the girls as prostitutes in an operation that he based in a City Suites Hotel guest room near the Belmont Red Line station.

Prosecutors say Mahalbasic threatened at least one of the girls if she did not give him the money she collected from Johns.

But the Cook County grand jury returned far more than just two counts agains Mahalbasic, who now faces 47 individual criminal charges:
• 14 counts of various forms of involuntary servitude
• 6 counts of various forms of sex servitude
• 4 counts of aggravated trafficking/recruiting
• 6 counts of trafficking for labor
• 3 counts of promoting juvenile prostitution
• 1 count of juvenile prostitution for profit
• 6 counts of various forms of kidnapping
• 7 counts of promoting prostitution
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  1. Mark your calendar for early 2017 so you'll know to be on the lookout for Mr. Smith since he'll probably be out by then after his two 4-year concurrent sentences.

    1. Actually, I would start looking for him now. If he has been in custody since 2013, and pled guilty to a four-year sentence (concurrent means his terms run at the same time, not one after the other), and if he gets his sentence cut in half for good behavior, that means he will only do two years time. He pled to the charge because he did it and because it gets him out of jail sooner. If he had wanted a trial, he would have remained in custody another year or two. Believe it, this guy is packing his suitcase, meeting with the offenders who didn't get caught (since he never squealed on his accomplices), and getting ready to look for new victims.

  2. Well done CPD for nailing that pimp scumbag. Pimps don't get caught nearly as often as they should.

  3. Well...thats a new one...

  4. After reading the previous story about Members getting probation for killing someone while DUI, and then being charged with misdemeanors for committing felonies, my guess is this guy will probably get probation here in Crook County.