Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BLIND SPOTS: Man Robbed At Gunpoint Near Mayor's House Monday; CVS Robbed Nearby This Morning

Developing: In addition to the robbery at gunpoint reported below, the CVS Pharmacy at 4051 N. Lincoln—about five blocks from the mayor's home—was robbed at knifepoint at 5:15AM today. It is the second time that store has been robbed this year.

A CVS clerk told police that a white or Hispanic man brandished a knife or box cutter, pulled the drawer open, and took the store's cash.

The offender today was described as being 5'3" tall, 180 pounds, wearing a black hat, beige jacket, and black shoes.

Our original report about the robbery at gunpoint follows.
A Lincoln Square man was robbed at gunpoint around 7:40PM Monday just three blocks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's police-fortified Lake View home. No one is in custody.

When police met the victim in the 4500 block of Hermitage, he reported that three black male teenagers dressed in all black approached him, produced at least one handgun, and demanded his valuables. Witnesses saw the offenders escape eastbound on Sunnyside from Ashland.

Taken in the robbery were the victim's laptop. iPhone 5, iPod, and wallet. His phone's last pings showed it heading past Fullerton on southbound Lake Shore Drive.

Mayor Emanuel's own son reported being beaten and robbed steps from the family's front door on December 19. Days later, Emanuel told reporters that his son had been victimized in a "blind spot" and promised to have police sweep the city to rid it of such robbery-friendly backwaters.
There are some blind spots and [the police are] gonna address it from a safety on the block — not the safety of the house [issue] for us…it’s their job to do it for everybody in the city — not just us.
Since that statement, the 19th police district's second-in-command has been assigned to personally inspect conditions outside of the mayor's house every working day.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told reporters after the Emanuel robbery that the cops who sit in front and back of the mayor's home 24/7 "are sitting on the mayor’s house. They are not sitting on the mayor’s neighborhood," a fact that surely became crystal clear to one Lincoln Square resident last night.
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  1. Was this victim also on the phone with his college counselor? Maybe this mysterious counselor is actually giving tips to the baddies.

  2. Now everyone, be sure to go to the polls and re-elect this pompous arrogant "mayor" on the 24th!! Yes!!! We need several more years of the Kingdom of Rahm!! While you're at it, be sure to re-elect the rather spineless alderthings, Tunney and Cappleman!!! Status quo!! Yes, life is lovely here in La-La Land, and with their re-election, will be even lovelier.

    1. I received two gruesome fliers in the mail from Cappleman the other day. One totally blasts Amy Crawford, saying she outsources American jobs wants major tax hikes. The other one praises Cappleman, and how he reduced crime by 80%.

      I almost vomited in my mouth.

    2. I received several flyers today -- which by the way is illegal, when they are placed in ones mailbox.Mailboxes are actually federal property, including the inside. Go look it up - U. S. Code. Anyway, I digress. Today I had a flyer from the "Citizens for Tunney" campaign organization, of which I learnt one Erica Beecken is chair. Erica, that's a big no-no on putting this stuff in mailboxes. These flyers also made me vomit a bit deep down in my esophagus. The lies, the stretching of the truth, etc., on these flyers was nothing short of scandalous. You would think, reading them, that Tommy has single-handedly fought crime, increased police staffing in District 019 (HA!!), engaged the schools to have bright students, and he apparently also parted water, invented cheese, and gets credit for giving the world fire, the wheel, and Madonna. Actually the whole political scene in Chicago makes me want to hurl. But Tommy Tunney takes the cake. As we say down south, "Bless his heart." PLEASE VOTE ON 2/24 OR EARLY VOTE OR ABSENTEE VOTE OR WHATEVER, JUST VOTE. VOTE THESE FOOLS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

    3. Tunney has a new video of himself up on his facebook page asking for support: "Early Voting is underway now through Saturday at Merlo Library (644 W. Belmont) and Election Day is under a week away. Together, we have made Lakeview one of the best neighborhoods in the country. I hope I can count on your vote!"

    4. Quick clarification perhaps - I also received a flyer from Tunney, and needed to wash my hands after handling. However, I noticed that it had been mailed and delivered as regular US mail, not placed in the mailbox by anyone else. Now I can't stand our sad excuse for an alderman either, indeed it gave me great pleasure to vote against him today. However, let's be careful with our accusations of federal crimes.

  3. Well was it this bad before the Merger 19,23? Please remember to vote and remember all the lies the current administration has told us. Time for a big change! Thanks CWB for keeping us informed!

  4. This is how I vote: no one who is an incumbent will have my support. I'm for trying someone new.

  5. It is a real shame that ever since the mayor moved into the neighborhood the crime rate around this nice neighborhood has exploded! Are the cops only allowed in a 20 foot radius of the Mayor's home and be damned with what goes on outside of that privileged circle???

  6. I will be voting against Rahm by selecting Chuy Garcia (who is pretty slimey himself) and voting against Tunney by selecting Mark Thomas (who gives me the creeps). But at least I will not be supporting the smug, incompetent, lying assholes currently in office.

    1. Wow, we voted the same way! : )

  7. The Mayor says there are "blind spots"? Open your eyes for a change! I am. Vote For Chuy!