Sunday, February 22, 2015

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Missing Emanuel Robbery "Fixed"; City Says Data Issue Affected .004015070129% Of Crimes

Two days after CWB revealed that the robbery of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s own son did not appear on the city’s lauded crime statistics “transparency” site, the city “fixed” it.

In a lonely Tweet Friday afternoon, Chicago Chief Data Officer Tom Schenk Jr wrote “We ID’d the issue and fixed it. It’s now online with about 115 omitted in the past 8 years.”

As Scooby-Doo would say: "WWWWahhhuuuuuh?”

The Emanuel report is affected by a 1-in-25,0000 long shot and the explanation is "fixed it!"?

That’s it? For now, yes. There is no information about the “fix” on the Chicago Data Portal blog that is supposed to provide “updates on...  occasional issue[s] with specific datasets.”

And Schenk has not responded to a Tweet in which we invited him to contact us via email.

But, Schenk is reportedly scheduled to appear Tuesday evening at “Open Gov Hack Night” to offer more information.

We’re going to send a cub reporter, armed with Javascript For Dummies and a bottle of Fireball. Stay tuned.
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