Sunday, January 25, 2015

UPDATE: Robbery Victim Meets Commander, Gets Action

Note: CWB's recent report on questionably-categorized crimes is HERE.
A Wrigleyville man who reported being jumped, beaten, and robbed by several men on School Street last Saturday, only to see his case get classified as a simple battery incident, sent us an update on the matter.

During a meeting with "very helpful" 19th District Commander Elias Voulgaris Tuesday afternoon, the man was told that a supplementary robbery report would be filed. Voulgaris also reportedly told the victim that he would ask detectives to review the case.

Troy Gueno, 20, of Logan Square, and 18-year-old Herbert “Herb” Robinson of University Village, have been charged with simple battery in the case. They have not been accused of robbery.

“Since I moved to Lakeview in 2009, I have been robbed one other time and caught a guy trying to break into my place,” the victim told us. “My fiancĂ© has been battered and robbed. Another time she was pick-pocketed. This city needs to do something quickly as it's becoming Gotham City in all respects but its name.”

Commander Voulgaris is widely considered to be one of the most approachable district commanders in Chicago. He regularly encourages anyone with concerns or questions about police matters to contact him directly. His email address:
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  1. The young man is a model citizen, it would sure be nice if everyone had the courage that he has.

  2. < the man was told that a supplementary robbery report would be filed. >

    Oh my, Rahbo and McNewark are not going to like that.

  3. I think it's at the point that if you're a victim of a crime, you should immediately email Voulgaris about it. Crimes get downgraded often enough that I wouldn't count on it being reported honestly. CC Tunney as well, not that he'll do anything about it, but hopefully enough pain will motivate them.

  4. Now wait a minute. That's not fair. Alderthingy Tunney WILL "do something" about it! He will joyously proclaim that he will "look into" the matter. Assuming, of course, the message even reaches him. His underlings are apparently trained to present him (i.e., bother him) with only the most important matters, such as a photo op, or producing statistical crime documents chock full of lies.

  5. Commander Voulgaris is a great guy. He has been very open to my concerns and commentary on several occasions. I definitely have more trust and faith in him than Tunney any day.

    1. Good luck. I won't believe it until I see it. . . . .

    2. even tho voulgaris'es guys regularly harass myself and my licensed vendor friends at Wrigley he himself is a good egg, and VERY hands-on