Friday, January 16, 2015

THE OLD SWITCHEROO: "Delivery Man" Is A Package Thief

A prolific package thief who poses as a delivery driver to gain access to secure buildings is developing quite a reputation in the Halsted/Diversey area.

The thief has been around so often, a CWB reader told us this week, "one of the food delivery guys saw [a flyer about the thief] on our condo’s entrance [recently] and said that he saw this person in the neighborhood many times."

The reader sent surveillance footage of the thief in action from last fall. In both cases, the thief obtains access to a secure building by posing as a delivery man when people step out to walk dogs. He can be seen patiently waiting outside the building for nearly two minutes before being allowed in by unsuspecting women. Notice that he has a package "for delivery" in his hand when he's allowed inside.
Video One       Video Two
Knowing what's about to happen, you'll almost wanna scream at your screen: "Don't let him in, girl! Don't let him in!"

According to a flyer posted in the area, this thief is a 5'8"- to 6'1"-tall black man in his 40's or 50s.
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  1. And he will be re-elected. Because Chicago voters are low information voters. He makes Daley look like a genius. I can't believe anyone voted for the puck in the first place. He's a complete bully.

  2. Please stop publishing "comments" that have nothing to do with the subject matter but are merely negative political screams.

    1. We may stop publishing comments all together. Not worth the hassle.

    2. Please stop publishing "comments" that have nothing to do with the subject matter but are merely requests to stop publishing comments.

  3. CWB, please don't stop publishing comments. This a great forum for neighborhood residents to keep each other informed. I agree it's annoyijng when people get on useless rants or post political garbage, but don't punish the rest of us because of a few misguided folks.