Tuesday, January 13, 2015

STOP! SLAMMER TIME: Court Updates On Area Arrestees

Wolfe (Illinois Dept of Corrections)
Here are more court resolutions to stories you read about on CWB:

•  Corey Wolfe, 27, pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated robbery for allegedly implying he had a gun when he robbed the CVS Pharmacy at Halsted and Barry last May.

The CVS manager followed Wolfe down Clark Street until police caught up with them outside of the Panera Cares at Clark and Diversey. Wolfe received a five-year sentence for this, his second robbery conviction.

Transparency Department: Charges were dropped against Klemko
on December 9th. He has offered no public explanation so far.
• Deion Brown, 39, pleaded guilty to robbing two cab drivers in the 4300 block of Montrose early last year. Brown received two 6-year sentences to be served concurrently.

• In other taxi news, all charges were dropped against Sports Illustrated reporter Robert Klemko, who was accused in October of punching a cab driver and stealing his cab in Lakeview. Klemko, 27, was suspended from his writing gig for four weeks following the incident.

• Prosecutors alleged that Timothy Williams, 52, robbed a man after offering to help him purchase a fare ticket at the Addison CTA station early on Pride Sunday last year. Williams has pleaded guilty to one count of robbery, receiving a sentence of 2 years probation and other special conditions.

Lakes. (Illinois Dept of Corrections)
• 21-year-old Roger Lakes has pleaded guilty to robbery and aggravated battery for his part in a 3-on-1 attack outside the Belmont CTA station in June. A Chicago police prisoner transport van found the victim lying in the middle of Belmont moments after the attack. Lakes was arrested two days after the attack when police recognized him as he stood steps away from the Belmont CTA station.

Joshua Givens—arrested when officers recognized him standing outside the Belmont CTA station three days after the attack—is also charged in the case. His next court date is January 29.

Adkisson (Illinois Dept of Corrections)
• John Adkisson, 45, was sentenced to 27 months in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated battery of a merchant in connection with a shoplifting that turned violent at Boystown's Jewel-Osco store one year ago. Adkisson, described as a "neighborhood menace" by one 19th district officer, already had a pair of handcuffs attached to one of his wrists when Jewel guards caught him.
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  1. Adkisson should've gotten more than 27 months for that hairstyle alone!

    1. Goddamn,I was JUST going to write the very same thing.

    2. I guess the "Moe Howard" is making a comeback! I can see the lines forming outside posh salons everywhere this very instant! Run! Run!

  2. "In other taxi news, all charges were dropped against Sports Illustrated reporter Robert Klemko"

    Any reason why? Carjacking seems like a pretty serious offense. Did they have the wrong person?

    1. He was charged with lesser crimes than carjacking because the victim did not want Klemko to have a felony record. The exact reason is not clear in the court records we reviewed, but you can be sure that Klemko would not have agreed to a 4-week suspension for the heck of it.


    2. Another "victim" with the IQ of a Twinkie. It's difficult having any grief for a victim that is too much of a putz or coward to press charges, they just invite more crime.

    3. My guess is that the victim got paid off by Klemko.