Saturday, January 31, 2015

OKAY, BYE-BYE!: Armed Robbery Offenders Get 12-Year Terms

Both men were charged with armed robbery in our neighborhood. Both were tracked down by cops who followed signals from their victims' cell phones. And, this week, both received 12-year prison sentences. (Both also have alleged accomplices whose cases have not yet been resolved.)

Armed Robbery At Surf And Broadway

Malik Cole's 12-year sentence came Monday after he pleaded guilty to the August 2014 armed robbery of a woman near Surf and Broadway.

Cole, 18, was accused to taking the woman's valuables while Demourle Moore held her at gunpoint.

After the robbery, 19th district cops used an app to track the victim's iPhone to Lawrence and California, where they found the victim's property and arrested Cole and Moore.

Moore, who was on parole at the time of the alleged robbery, was returned to prison to serve out the balance of a previous weapons violation. He will be handed over to the Cook County Sheriff when his prison sentence ends on February 16. His next court date in the robbery case is February 24.

3-Victim Robbery Spree

Charlie Allen, 24, pleaded guilty this week to two counts of armed robbery in connection with back-to-back muggings in our area on the night of December 8, 2013. He received a 12-year term.

Allen and Ronald Morgan allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint in the 400 block of Barry as the victim walked home from a grocery store. Prosecutors say Allen and Morgan drove off and proceeded to rob two more men at gunpoint minutes later behind Blokes and Birds in Wrigleyville.

What Allen and Morgan didn't know is that by the time they finished robbing the second set of victims, police had already begun chasing pings emanating from the first victim's cell phone.

Officers caught up with the duo as they fled north on the Boystown strip.

Morgan's case is still pending. He's due back in court on March 17.

Rahm Security Break-In

One of the two individuals charged with breaking into police officers' private cars outside of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's protective detail headquarters in Lake View last November has reached a plea deal.

Edwin Torres, 31, pleaded guilty to one count of burglary on Thursday. He was given two years probation plus community service. Torres was also ordered to pay $500 restitution for vehicle damage and $719 in court costs.

His co-defendant, Maria Baez, is due back in court on March 4. She faces an additional charge of aggravated battery for allegedly colliding with an officer who confronted the duo.
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  1. Pillars of society. It really takes a low in the gutter evil human being to be able to do harm to someone else all in the name of stealing a few bucks to feed their devilish lifestyle. Can't imagine what they must think when they look in the mirror...oh yeah, that's right, they can't think because they are too fucking stupid and pure evil.

    1. I work at a regular job to feed my devilish lifestyle - crime is not the only alternative for anyone.

  2. Nice to see longer sentences being handed down

  3. Realistically speaking, can parole on "good" behavior cut down the 12 years ?
    What about a "reward" for turning in their accomplaces ?

    1. Good behavior is only 6 months taken off a sentence but I heard they stopped that. Sentencing depends on the crime. For nonviolent crimes, whatever the sentence is, the offender does 50% of the time. Violent offenses can carry 85%

    2. They will be out in half that time or less if they don't act up while inside. How about making all those committing violent crimes and possession of a weapon offenses serve at least 85 percent of their original sentence. The system is a joke with it's lenient plea bargains, light weight sentences and good time. I think being affiliated with a gang should earn them an additional 5 years. How much time did Moore actually serve for his previous weapons violation before being paroled? These two idiots will be back to crime in a few short years. Until then the over burdened Illinois taxpayers will be keeping them fed and warm.

    3. IDOC has not released parole date info for these two guys yet. We'll post it when it coms out. (Remind us if we forget.)