Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NO JACKET REQUIRED: Back In Prison, Parolee's Accused Of Wearing $1,000 Coat During October Robbery

A parolee is sitting in Stateville Correctional Center, awaiting trial in one of our neighborhood's higher-profile robberies of 2014.

As CWB reported on October 25, a Lakeview woman reported being beaten and robbed that morning by a man who wore a distinctive, $1,000 red Pelle Pelle brand letterman jacket with sequins on its back.

The jacket was so distinctive, the ambulance crew that treated the victim reported seeing the man minutes earlier. And police officers working covert surveillance in Boystown said they saw him, too.

Early the next morning, other officers on patrol near Belmont and Halsted stopped a man matching the robbery offender's description—right down to the red Pelle Pelle jacket.

Mitchell. (Illinois Dept of Corrections)
McKale Mitchell, 25, wanted for parole violation at the time—and in possession of another man's wallet, that he told police he "found" at the Belmont Red Line station—was arrested and sent off to Stateville, where he's finishing a one-year sentence he received last February for resisting a police officer in Will County.

Robbery detectives put together a case and Mitchell is now charged with one count of armed robbery, four counts of aggravated battery, and one count of aggravated unlawful restraint in connection with the Lakeview attack.

Mitchell is expected to be turned over to the Cook County Sheriff on April 1.

He previously served 7 years in prison for a 2007 armed robbery that took place at Garfield and State, a half-block from his home.
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  1. Wow...what a winner. Glad he's going away again and off the street.


  2. Fantastic. Thank you, CPD!

  3. ...to be turned over to the Cook County Sheriff April 1st....perfect!

    1. Whereupon he'll cop a deal with the incompetent Cook County State's Atty and be out on the street -- thanks to a merit selected judge -- by Halloween.

  4. Great job by the victim in providing a useful description and great job by CPD in putting this animal back in a cage where he belongs!

  5. Quality human being...

  6. He shoulda robbed Rahm's kid, he would have gotten off scot free

  7. A scarlet letter jacket.
    Seems like that might be useful as a condition of parole.
    Sort of a personal version of 'whiskey plates'.

  8. Good for him damn hater broke ass