Sunday, January 25, 2015

NEW YEAR, SAME HELMONT: Another Mugging On The Infamously Dangerous Strip

Everyone's favorite place to get mugged—Belmont Avenue between Halsted and Racine has struck for the second time this year.

A Boystown man was jumped and mugged there by two men Sunday morning. No one is in custody.

The victim, who lives nearby, told police that he was attacked at Belmont and Halsted around 4:15AM by two men who took his Macbook Air and iPhone 5s. Both offenders  were last seen running westbound on Belmont toward the CTA station.

Both offenders are described as black men in their 20’s, about 5’11” tall wearing black hats and dark clothing. (CPD case HY127907)

Last weekend, two people were beaten and mugged by men armed with a screwdriver outside of Alderman Tom Tunney's flagship Ann Sather restaurant at 909 W. Belmont.

Village Idiots

Roscoe Village, which hosted a dual-robbery and gunfight on Wednesday evening, was the scene of a good old-fashioned street robbery late last night.

A North Center man reported that a small group of men that had been following him down the street suddenly tackled him and tried to rob him at the corner of Belmont and Paulina around 11:50PM. As the attempted robbery unfolded, a silver Toytota RAV4 pulled up to act as the getaway car.

The victim said he had seen the vehicle circling the area before he was jumped.

No property was taken in the robbery attempt.

The offenders are described as 5 or 6 black and Hispanic men. They were last seen northbound on Paulina in the RAV4.
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  1. Seriously! Is there "any" police presence in that neighborhood?

  2. The cops that I have met are great, there just are not nearly enough of them.

  3. You have to ask yourself and Rahm this.
    If I spend 1.5 million dollars on a house in Roscoe Village and pay my taxes, why do I have to put up with this crap,
    and why should I stay?

    1. Great question.

    2. That is a very good question. And that is also a good question for folks who spend much less on their homes.

      If crime continues as it has been for the last few years, people will flee, and home values will plummet. Along with that, businesses will close and eventually we will have Englewood right here, on the north side.

      Truly sad that our "leaders" can't see this. I heard Tunney was mugged a few years back, and recently, the mayor's own son.....but it seems like they don't mind the crime and increased criminal element. It boggles my mind that their personal attacks didn't even get a rise out of them. It further boggles my mind that there were no charges filed against Zach Emanual's mugger. Seems that since THEY have no problem being crime victims, it should be OK for the rest of us.

      We are doomed.

    3. Good point. I'll give you $625,000 for your place.

    4. *Can you leave?

    5. I'll go $650,000. Seriously, love these posts about everyone fleeing when there are well-publicized complaints from neighborhood residents about gentrification and being priced out of places like Logan Square and Pilsen. People, generally, aren't going anywhere. However, that is NO reason for them not to demand better protection against crime.

  4. If the vehicle was circling the area before this, wouldn't there be a camera somewhere that can get the license plate? I know that in and of itself may not be worth a lot, but at least it would give the authorities something to go on in identifying part of the group, and who knows what that may lead to longer-term... just a thought / question.

    1. You are asking for actual detective work

    2. It continues to amaze and sicken me that people still refer to cameras as the solution to crime. Get a clue...there are not enough cops to view all the videos caught on cameras!

  5. Paul Kersey where are you?