Friday, January 16, 2015

LET THEM EAT CAKE: Nearby Store Robbed At Gunpoint, But Cops Assigned To Rahm's House Can't Help

A 24-hours CVS Pharmacy was robbed at gunpoint just four blocks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home Thursday morning. Despite the proximity and the fact that a firearm was involved, the patrol cars assigned to sit outside of the mayor's house stayed right where they were. Because those are their orders.

Employees at the store, 4051 N. Lincoln, called 911 shortly before 5AM yesterday to report that a man who lives in the neighborhood—and who tried to break into the locked pharmacy section last week—had just pulled a black handgun and taken the store's cash.

The offender is described as a 21-year-old black man with "puffy hair." He stands about 5'5" tall, weighs about 100 pounds, and he donned a gray hoodie with orange writing and blue jeans for the heist. He was last seen eastbound on Belle Plaine.

Despite the exceptional description and specific direction of flight, all of the cars assigned to the mayoral compound were required to stay on post at Rahm's house, just chilling. (Robbery case HY115527)

While the 19th district has lost 25% of its manpower since Rahm Emanuel became mayor in 2011, the number of officers assigned to sit outside of his house 24-hours-a-day has only increased. Fully 5% of the 19th district's available manpower is dedicated to guarding the mayor's real estate. (There is also a completely different unit of the police department that is dedicated to his personal protection.)

The units assigned to the mayor's house are prohibited from leaving their posts for any reason unless they receive direct relief from another unit.

Another Uptown Mugging

Image: Melt Down Mentor
Yet another man was robbed near Clark and Leland in Uptown late Thursday night. The mugging is notable because the details closely match information in a recent Chicago Police Department robbery alert.

Police say a nearby resident heard a man screaming for help on the street just before midnight. When the neighbor walked outside, he saw two men robbing and beating a man who was lying on the ground.

Members of a police gang unit who were working Uptown arrived quickly, but a search for the offenders was unsuccessful.

The robbers are described as two black men around 20-years-old, 6-feet tall, with thin builds. One wore camouflage pants.

They were last seen running eastbound on Wilson with the victim's black Jansport gym bag, which contained a laptop, and his iPhone. (Robbery case HY116717).

Last Friday, Area North detectives warned of a robbery pattern in which two black male offenders attack victims as they walk on the street during early morning hours.

Among the cases linked by detectives is last Friday morning's mugging of a Boystown man on a sidewalk near Wrigley Field. The victim in that case was beaten and robbed of his book bag and wallet by two "young" black male offenders.
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  1. But now they have a roving car to patrol Mayor's neighborhood. Where was that car at? It could have easily drove towards the robbery looking for offender who was heading east towards the Mayors neighborhood????
    I don't understand that????

    1. I was supposed to be a roving car but it is just a 99 car and used to give breaks to the cars sitting on the house.
      It was a good idea and needed but not a reality.
      And who knows where it even was last night.

  2. And, once again, the "bought & paid for" media reports none of this!

  3. This just borders on ridiculous! All elected officials should take cabs, busses, trains, send their kids to public schools and live within the means of the real police force to experience the actual city they govern!

  4. I have a better idea! It's time to VOTE RAHM out of office!

    After he is gone, he will just be another common citizen with no protection!

  5. Did anyone see the report last night on channel 2 News about crime in Ukrainian Village? There have been several break-ins in the past couple of weeks , and you'd swear they were suffering what we've been going through for the past number of years. Interesting that a couple of break ins merit a full report, but Lakeview gets nothing.

  6. I'm not in agreement with CWB that the Mayor of Chicago's protection squad should leave him because of a 100lb kid robbing the local CVS. If you need more cops, you need more cops. Rules are rules. He's the mayor of the 4th largest city/metro area GDP on Earth. (I am willing to bet that 95% of my fellow Chicagoans don't know this)

    1. We believe it is wrong for him to take away 25 percent of the neighborhood's cops, lie about having done so, and then take away another 5 percent to sit outside of his house 24/7 whether it is occupied or not. You are welcome to disagree.

    2. I don't think the 100 lb "kid" (i thought he was 21?) is what people are worried about. A gun in the possession of someone who lives in the neighborhood and is therefore recognizable to the employees but still tries to break in and rob the pharmacy...well, that's not my definition of someone stable enough to control himself...or that gun.
      There should have been a police car out looking for him!

  7. Fuck you Rahm. Thanks for letting the criminals ruin our neighborhood and putting all of us at risk while making sure the cut in police staffing doesn't impact you and your family. So much for representing your constituents.

  8. If I were a reporter, perhaps I'd ask prince rahmmy why he considers his safety to be more important than the citizens of the city.