Sunday, January 18, 2015

CRAPPY NEW YEAR: At Least 4 Robbed As Weekend Goes Wrong

Warm weekend weather is bringing street criminals out in droves. From a mugging and thugging perspective, it seems like summer.

Robbed, Beaten Outside Ann Sather

Two people were beaten and one was robbed by a pair of offenders who were armed with a screwdriver outside Alderman Tom Tunney's flagship restaurant at 909 Belmont early Sunday morning.

The muggers were described as two black men in their 20’s, 5’10” tall, medium weight, wearing all black clothing. They were last seen running toward the Belmont CTA station at 2:25AM.

The victims, a 20-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man, were transported by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital. (Case HY119248)

Mugged In Wrigleyville

Approximate locations of known robberies reported in our
neighborhood since Saturday morning.
“My wife and I heard a guy screaming outside,” a Wrigleyville resident told us Saturday, "'Fuuuuu@@kkkk! Motherfu@kers…..’ right before I saw a guy run through the alley [dressed] in all black.”

The man screaming outside was being beaten up and robbed in the 1100 block of Cornelia. Police met the victim minutes after the 1:15AM attack and searched the area for the offenders with no luck.

The victim describes his attackers as two or three black men dressed in dark clothing. One of the men wore a black beanie cap and a puffy coat. They were last seen running away from the area of Cornelia and Seminary. (Case number HY117994)

Second Robbery Blocks Away

Hmm. Why would being beaten and robbed by
7 to 10 people be downgraded to "simple battery?"
NOTE: An Update on this story is available HERE.

An hour after the Cornelia attack, another man was robbed by a group of offenders in very similar circumstances just a couple of blocks away.

Around 2:20AM Saturday, the victim stepped out of an Uber cab in the 1100 block of School and began walking to his home. Suddenly, he found himself getting punched in the face and robbed by 7 to 10 offenders. When he grabbed his phone to call 911, they took it.

“Lots of people were hitting on me,” he said.

Police caught up with and arrested two offenders nearby.

Most notable about this case, though, is that the police officers classified it as a simple battery rather than a robbery.

The department is reviewing that classification. (CPD case HY118031)

Robbery Victim Gives Up After 15 Minute Wait For Police

Customers inside The Edge Bar & Grill at Clark and Diversey called 911 at 5:20 Saturday morning to report a 30-year-old man  seeking help after being beaten and robbed.

Unfortunately for that gentleman, the 19th district did not have any officers available to help and the call sat around for seven minutes before being assigned. Once the call was assigned, it took the officers nearly 10 minutes to make their way across the district.

When they arrived, the man was gone.

No report made? That means no crime will be added to the statistics. You can just smell the crime rate dropping!

Beatings Beyond Belief

The summer-like non-sense did not end with those four robberies. No, siree. There were plenty of outrageous beatings, too. A sampling:

Saturday, 1:58AM—Man is jumped and beaten by a group of offenders outside of the Subway restaurant, 901 Belmont. The victim is taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center while the offenders escape on foot. (Battery case HY118016)

Saturday, 11:58PM—A large house party in the 800 block of Grace has evolved into an enormous fight. Police arrive to find an estimated 200 people spilling onto the streets. Units spend the next 30 minutes mopping up outbursts in the area as the crowd disbands.

Sunday, 12:34AM—Police assigned to the Wrigleyville “entertainment detail” call for back-up to help disperse a large fight outside of Red Ivy, 3517 Clark.

Sunday, 1:11AM—Desk officers ask to have an ambulance dispatched to the 19th district station because two people have come in with blood flowing from “big knots on their heads.” The victims, both 23, say they “got attacked” inside of Roscoe’s Tavern on the Halsted strip. An ambulance transports the pair to Thorek Hospital.

Sunday, 1:15AM—Roscoe’s Tavern has called 911 to report that two men in their 30’s have been battered inside the bar, but they don’t know if the involved parties know each other or if the incident involves strangers.

Sunday, 1:24AM—Man punched in the face at Pick Me Up Cafe, 3408 Clark.

Sunday, 1:53AM—Man in the bathroom at Al’s Beef, bleeding profusely from the head. 3420 Clark.

Sunday, 2:52AM—Officers on patrol request an ambulance for a battery victim at Addison and Sheffield, outside of Wrigley Field. The victim is taken to Thorek Hospital.
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  1. Was this the first RAP in the 019th district so far in 2015?
    It would've been pretty fun and exciting if Rahm was told the district was in RAP status when his teen son was "robbed."

    1. Nope! The first RAP was at 5:40AM on January 4. Thank you for bringing it up, though. You reminded us to update the "RAP" tab at the top of our pages.

  2. Its all the entertainments teams fault. lol

  3. This neighborhood blows. The mayor, the alderman, high-up police leadership, merchants who display Re-Elect Tunney signs in their windows .... it's all making my head spin. Nobody is going to a damn thing about the problem and it's only going to get worse. I'm out of here. Fuck this.

    1. Tunney will be re-elected. Look in all the windows of businesses and a ton of residences. A large amount of people in this neighborhood and city, as a whole, are absolutely stupid misinformed sheep. I'm so sick of "demographic" voters I could puke.

  4. Ah the joy of a lot of these robberies being committed by GROUPS and/or ARMED people because the offenders are often too scared to go one on one with someone they victimize without a mob or weapon. Cowards.

  5. Yes Saturday night was a joke again. So many down cars again on a weekend.
    Same officers taking off always on the weekend. Same as last year.
    Glad everyone was safe...

    1. Yes this is true and is bad

  6. I live on Fletcher just behind Ann Sather and heard screaming outside around that time while half-awake. Unfortunately this type of nonsense is becoming all too common, and it's easy to pass it off as nothing. Really sucks to hear my assumption is wrong. I do remember hearing a siren pretty soon after I think.

  7. NBC 5 had coverage this evening on 10:00 PM news show.

    1. Now, THAT is shocking! Not the crime but the reporting of it. Thank you, NBC5!

  8. My BF woke me up to get off the couch Saturday at midnight because of the brawl that was happening outside our building on Grace (by the church). There was probably 50+ kids on the street and we saw one guy getting beat up against a car. As my bf calls the police we saw a cop car slowly driving down Grace (no siren or lights on) that seemed to do nothing. Another cop car comes down a few minutes later with his lights on and these kids run off. Shout out to my neighbor yelling at them to get out of our neighborhood. lol. But we are seriously questioning the first car's lack of action.................

  9. and tunney feels that our neighborhood is safe and they are all isolated incidents. remember this when its time to vote for your new alderman. Tunney is more worried about his new hotel being built than he is about the neighborhood.