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COURT REPORT: Resolutions Of Stories You Read About On CWB

Vacha (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Here's a fresh round of court updates involving stories you read about on CWB:

Robert Vacha, the 21-year-old charged with robbing a newly-widowed woman on the Halsted strip in August has reached a plea deal.

In exchange for pleading guilty to one count of robbery with a victim over age 60, Vacha received a sentence of 6 months in the Cook County Jail (off-set by 94 days credit for time served) and 30 months' probation. Vacha was also ordered to submit a DNA sample.

Just three months prior to robbing the widow, Vacha recorded a video at the Windy City Times' "Youth Summit" in which his closing thought was, "Don't trust everybody at first glance...always be aware of your surroundings."

Nielsen (Illinois Dept of Corrections)

Hard Time For Serial Burglar

Professional burglar Arthur Nielsen, 35, was arrested in February after detectives connected him with a series of burglaries around Lake View and Lincoln Park. Nielsen pleaded guilty to residential burglary and received three 13-year sentences to be served concurrently.

Warner Gang Disturbance

Luis J. Garcia and Marcus Cazadero were charged with reckless conduct stemming from their alleged participation in an early November gang scuffle in Graceland West. Both pleaded guilty to reckless conduct with Garcia receiving a 20-day sentence and Cazadero receiving a 5-day sentence. Both sentences were offset by time served.

Heels Cooled

Mercado (Cook Co Sheriff's Office)
Malaki Mercado made quite an impression after arriving at the Crib youth shelter in early October. Shoplifting charges and a failure to appear warrant came his way. But, then, he groped and forcibly kissed a woman as she walked to work one morning—and allegedly fought with the officers who tried to arrest him.

On December 17, Mercado pleaded guilty to one count of battery in connection with the attack on the woman. In exchange, two counts of resisting police were dropped and he received a 150-day sentence, off-set by 70 days of time served.

Other Cases

Johnson and Smith. (Illinois Dept of Corrections)
Indigo Johnson and Crystal Smith both pleaded guilty to attempted armed robbery in connection with an October 2013 attack near Nettlehorst Elementary School. They were both sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Deangelo Warner, chased down by cops after allegedly stealing a woman's purse from the Starbucks at Clark and Belmont in October, saw all charges dropped after the woman, who lives in Texas, failed to appear in court.

Charges were also dropped in the case of Christopher Adams, who was accused of robbing a fellow participant in the Night Ministry's Outreach Program on October 21. The alleged victim in that case failed to appear in court.
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  1. So, in the case of Robert Vacha, does that mean he is back on the street now? I ask because usually only 50 - 60% of a sentence ends up being served and with 94 days credit for time served, that would put him back "in the wild" right about now. Any info is appreciated.

    1. Well, there's the "justice system" for you. I'd bet my bottom dollar, if he racks up another offense (say, beating down a 70-year-old citizen) he'd get, at most, another slap on the wrist. Or he might be axed to create a "motivational video" for the CoH advising his peers on how to "turn their lives around." This bullshit makes me sick. He is free to thug and mug again!!! If I see this little twit on the street, I'm going to simply follow him and keep an eagle eye on everywhere he goes. No law against that.

  2. AnonymousAug 22, 2014, 12:25:00 AM

    For the person who posted its so sad because this kid seemed good, YOU are so out of touch with reality! Whats sad is this poor lady just buried her husband and a thug whos lived his entire life on tax payer money robs an elderly woman instead of doing whats right and getting a job. Instead his typical entitlement attitude and recently visits a neighborhood and terrorizes hard working law abiding tax paying people who actually respect others. I bet any money this woman went her entire life of 60 plus years and never had a brush with the law and retired after waking up every morning for decades to earn her possessions. And this adult who just happens to look young comes by and forecfully robs this senior with no remorse whatsoever not even blinking because he deserves anything anytime he wants. How many other times did he do this and worse, probably dozens and never caught? I bet any money this senior citizen will have fear and anxiety for years to come about this and that is the real tragedy. For all you that are happy dont get too excited; follow the case and he'll get funny supervison or probation at the most. The public defender will paint the unloved home he came from and the judge will say some firm but non believable statement acting like he means it and he ll continue to commit 20 more crimes by age 30 while on his pathetic probation. Then governor quinn and sheriff dart will say they dont have money to supervise him and he learns pretty quickly no ones really cares when he thugs and robs. This is the reality. Drive by coh or byc and youll see this "kid" hanging out on the sidewalk by thanksgiving. He will need to rob in time for christmas. I guarantee it. Check back in a year or two and see that im indeed accurate.


    1. Goddamn if you weren't right on the money, given that he was on the streets a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Our justice system is so ..... so ....... someone help me here ......

    2. It's totally F'd up. The criminals have more rights than the victims. Plea bargains never are done for justice of the victim. I think they should lay another 10 years on the sentence if they are documented gangbangers. Start taking away the benefits when the kids quit school or are arrested. It might make the parents wake up and show more concern with what their kids are doing. Make inmates serve at least 85 percent of their sentence. The original sentence given means nothing. Take a look at the 2012 state max out rates for the various states. Illinois is not the only state that uses a soft glove to criminals.

  3. Be careful. If he notices you following/watching him, he might file an harassment charge against you.

  4. After being belly down in my living room floor, scared to death and praying my children were fine, while 10-12 shots rang out outside my Warner Ave home, I'm confident that 5 and 20 days in jail will rehab these poor misguided urban terrorists.

    A hearty thank you to the justice system in Chicago, Cook Co., and the state of Illinois!!!!

    (this joint really needs a sarcasm font)

  5. To add insult to injury, this purse-snatching, old lady mugging, shithead creep is now bragging on his Facebook page today that he was accepted into the "Silver Fork" culinary arts program at Center on Halsted. This PROVES that neighborhood criminals use the services of CoH. So the City of Chicago taxpayers are now paying for his free education. It is also interesting that a condition of his parole is not to use an alias, as he is now Jacob Lapinskas on Facebook, or to alter his appearance (he just dyed his hair silver). Here is his Facebook page:

    1. Well .. that news just turns my stomach. I wonder how the woman he victimized feels about this. Now, if it is a violation of probation to (1) use an alias, and (2) alter his appearance, and he has done so on both counts, what is the legal mechanism in place for us, as taxpaying constituents and residents of the immediate neighborhood of the CoH, to report this data to the appropriate court authorities? Take note of his puiblicly available Facebook! He's posting things about "When you randomly smell weed," (probably a violation of probation if he's actually using it); asking who has pain killers (probably a violation of probation, since those are almost always prescription drugs intended for the person to whom they were prescribed); moaning about "being single and nobody want my ass" (well, thugging a 60-year-old woman, in my opinion, is grounds for not being market-worthy); and, indeed, a trumpeting message about getting into the silver fork at CoH. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want this thug preparing (or anywhere near) my food. Oh! Wait! Eureka!!!! Maybe spineless alderthing Tunney can employ little Robert/Jacob at one of his cinnamon bun outlets!!! What a splendid, grand grand grand idea!!!! I might even alert Tunney to this, letting him know that he can help this outstanding "youth" of Lakeview by giving him a "good" job when/if he finishes the CoH program!! And just think what a great photo op that would be for Tunney.

    2. Chef Dan Smith, President of Hearty Boys, volunteers his time every week to work with students in the Silver Fork program at Center on Halsted. He should be notified about this convicted criminal in his class. I have sent him the information on the Hearty Boys Facebook page. Others should do the same.

    3. It has been removed from the, of course, as I do not see a posting, unless it was a private message. I'm sure he is aware and doesn't care just like the rest of these criminal business owners. Maybe we should just stop patronizing their establishments. If we hurt their pockets, maybe they will think twice. And really, who cares if the hearty boys and the Ann sathers of the world, with their subpar food, cease to exist. No loss there.

  6. Setting these serial criminals free after almost no time served sends a strong message to criminals. Keep victimizing people, keep bleeding the system, and keep boasting on social media about how you get away with it and plan to get away with it again. Meanwhile, the same progressive establishment that endorses such behavior wants to not only disarm the public, but make any kind of self-defense (fists, kicking, spitting) more of a criminal offense than the crime being perpetrated on you. This is what they've done in Britain and street level crime there is 3x worse than in the U.S. The progressives in Britain have also made it illegal to use preemptive measures to ward off crime,like placing barbed wire fences around your property because this might "harm" the criminals trying to break into your home. There is something seriously mentally deficient with progressives, but even more so with society as a whole since we're allowing them to get away with it out of PC.

  7. On the Silver Fork website, it states you need a photo ID, SS Card, and Birth Certificate. I am certain they ask this to perhaps do a criminal background check. So, I am sure Mr. Robert came up with some sob story that he is from a broken home and kicked out for being gay, he’s trying to make a positive change, and other fraudulent story so he does not have to provide this information because he lost the documents, and other devised story. So instead, he comes up with this alias and hair color makeover and boom, he’s got a new identity because he realized his name and face is plastered all over the Internet for people to see that he really is a low life thug robber who victimize innocent, little elderly women who slowly walk while bereaving the loss their husband. I doubt he’s turned his life around in mere months, just an opinion. Let’s be realistic. Not only should there be outrage that he got convicted guilty of a crime of Forcefully Robbing a Protective Class (Senior Citizen) BUT is out within months to roam free, but now he disguises himself under a different name, uses social media to boast about his drug and sex escapades, but goes further to continue with his COH typical hangouts and enroll in programs that should be intended for people who don’t crime and thug. I think this is yet another perfect example of what COH and BYC protects, and defends, and holds close to their hearts. Not innocent kids who have had a bad family situation, or people who work 3 jobs to try to make something of themselves. But no.. Let’s recruit armed robbers who are on fresh, active parole, and give them free handouts and free training and schooling. I hope no elderly ladies eat his prepared food, or cops for that matter, you can make your own assumptions of the results. And for all those who that talk about “getting a second chance” or “being too harsh”, this Friggin’ parolee was JUST CONVICTED AND FOUND GUILTY OF ROBBING A LITTLE OL’ LADY JUST IN A FEW MONTHS AGO, THIS IS NOT SOME 10 YEARS AGO, THIS WAS JUST IN AUGUST 2014. For God’s sake, this man should be in damn prison still in any other County in the country, and here in Chicago social services are falling all over themselves to help this “youth”. In Texas, he would be in prison for 10+years. Because apparently people under 30, are considered “youth” nowadays. When I was 18, my mom kicked me to the curb and told me to get a damn job and apartment, and 10 years later, as an proud African American gay man, I am thankful for all the hard work earned by me without getting a hand-out every step of the way. Boo-f-ing-hoo for Robert or Jacob or whatever name he invents next so he can evade the real authentic real thuggin’ identity of his. And guess what, I bought a condo, a new car, and have great friends, and I did this all without robbing and stealing from senior citizens and using people and social service organizations. I’m not looking for “good job!”, “you’re a great person!”, “thank you” or any validation. All I want and all I am looking for is for people to take responsibility for their actions, and the System to hold people accountable, without making excuse after excuse for their shitty behavior.

    “How to report fake and fraudulent profiles of Alias Names of Users that is a Parolee

  8. Mercado actively resisted and/or fought arresting police officers and charges were dropped?
    What a frickin joke. Hardly a deterrent to future misconduct by this thug and his cohorts.