Friday, January 23, 2015

これは誰の携帯電話ですか: Couple Arrested After Car Break-in; Stuffed Animal Theft Brings 3 Years' Prison

Brooks (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
A man and a woman are facing multiple charges after allegedly being found burglarizing cars near the Belmont Red Line station Monday evening.

Learthur Brooks, 20, and Nefertiti Ruffin-Hall, 21, were arrested after allegedly being caught stealing from a resident’s Volkswagen in the 3200 block of Wilton.

The victim told police that he chased after the pair and caught them in the 3200 block of Clark where he promised, “just give me back my stuff and I won’t call the police.”

The victim’s plea rang true with Brooks. “Give him back his stuff,” Brooks is quoted as saying in the police report, “He’s not going to call the police.”

At that point Ruffin-Hall allegedly returned five CDs, a phone cord, an external charger, a house key, a tube of eye black and a lanyard.

And the victim called police.

The duo was arrested near Belmont and Sheffield minutes later.

During a search of Ruffin-Hall, police say they recovered a gold iPhone6+ that had its language set to Japanese, a situation that she was unable to explain to investigators’ satisfaction.

Brooks is charged with theft of lost or mislaid property and trespassing. Ruffin-Hall is charged with burglary, theft of lost or mislaid property, and trespassing. Both are free on bond.


Police responded to the 3600 block of Pine Grove Thursday evening after a man loaned his phone to a woman that he did not know and, well, you know what happened next. The woman scrambled into a green Honda Accord, which sped off, collided with a parked car, then continued on its way. Recorded as a theft in case HY125051.

Theft Of Stuffed Animals Draws 3-Year Prison Term

Alibegg, Davis, Williams, Etc.
(Illinois Dept of Corrections)
He’s 58 years old and he’s been sentenced to more than 57 years of collective prison time since 1983. Now, Rhygien Alibegg is going back for more.

Alibegg received a 3-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to stealing a bag of stuffed animals from a garage in the 800 block of Roscoe last summer. Prosecutors said Alibegg was in possession of a Sony Playstation and multiple pawn shop tickets when he was arrested.

Since 1983, Alibegg—also known as Harold Davis, David Williams, Jonathan Holmes, Thomas Williams, and Eddie Robinson—has been imprisoned four times for burglary, four times for robbery, and four times for other violations.

He is scheduled to be paroled on Christmas Day, 2016.

Burglary Beat

Some recent burglaries in the area:
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  1. The victim recovered among other things...a tube of eye black! Was this Vic a professional hockey or football player? If not, sign him up! Way to go!

  2. Replies
    1. Not so mysterious afterall. She got caught. But yeah, this is classic.

    2. The 58 year old stuffed animal stealer has an alias of John (Jonathan) Holmes. He wishes!

  3. Nefertiti, her royal namesake would not be pleased.

  4. Parole aka freedom for more robberies and burglaries by Mr. 800 year long wrap sheet...

  5. I know your specialty is more about creating well-documented cases of lapses in our political and justice systems and not Japanese grammar, but the phrase should end in か (ka) to denote a question :p

  6. "Brooks is charged with theft of lost or mislaid property and trespassing. Ruffin-Hall is charged with burglary, theft of lost or mislaid property, and trespassing. Both are free on bond."

    I still can't get over the theft of LOST OR MISPLAID PROPERTY. It was in someone's car, for goodness sakes! Not their car. Why is that not enough?

    Anyway, any update on these two morons (Nefertiti and Learthur...ugh)?

    1. Here: