Saturday, January 24, 2015

AN IMPERFECT GENTLEMAN: CTA Warns Of Pickpocket On North Side Red Line Train

The CTA and Chicago Police have issued an alert to warn riders of a pickpocket who operated on a North Side Red Line train this week.

According to the alert, the man pictured above and below stole the woman's wallet from her purse as she prepared to exit a southbound train at Chicago Avenue around 1:30PM on Monday. After taking the woman's wallet, CTA says, the man returned to a seat on the train and exited at Lake Street.

Surveillance review by CTA found that the man boarded the train at Uptown's Wilson Avenue station.

Information about this incident or the suspect may be given to the CTA's 24-hour hotline: 312.745.4443 
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  1. This man pick pocketed a friend of mine several years ago at Bordo's on Lincoln Ave! I remember him because I felt him trying to get into my purse and he had his coat over his arm just like this. I looked right at him and pulled my purse away. He then quickly exited the bar. We didn't realize until we got home that my friends wallet was missing from her purse. This guy has been at this for a long time!

  2. Yay! They caught one! (one!)

  3. Ladies....only carry a purse the zips or snaps shut all the way! I've seen plenty of sharp looking bags, but they don't close all the way. I call those styles "the pickpocket's dream."

  4. That must be why Paris Hilton carries a dog in her bag.

  5. They must get bored from pickpocketing from such easy prey - they can pick their pockets completely empty while the victim has their head inside of their iPhone sending their oh so important texts or updating their selfie on Facebook.

  6. The pickpocket is an oppressed victim of American society and we should understand him. Anyone who loses their iPhones should consider it a noble sacrifice for the greater good.

    1. I agree. I'm sure that at the exact split second moment when he took that woman's purse, he was JUST beginning to turn his life around. Yes, we should understand him, and we should open our bags and purses and wallets for him.