Tuesday, January 20, 2015

14TH TIME'S THE CHARM: Back To Prison For Career Criminal

Here's another round of courthouse updates on cases you read about on CWB:

Eric Boose, who was tazed and arrested by police during a dust-up at the Boystown Circle K/Shell station during Pride Fest last summer, is back in a familiar place: prison.

He pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated battery to a police officer and received an 18-month sentence.

Boose, whose criminal record spans two full pages in the Cook County Court database, had been out of prison for just 3 days before being arrested in this case. His prior convictions include attempted murder, theft, battery, shoplifting, burglary, violating an order of protection, possession of controlled substance(s), receiving/possessing a stolen vehicle, manufacturing/distributing look-alike drugs, and aggravated battery/strangulation.

Lake View Carjack Crash

Shaquille Rush, charged with resisting police and possessing a vehicle that got carjacked in Lake View this summer, has reached a deal.

Rush pleaded guilty to resisting police who tried to take him into custody after he allegedly crashed the stolen car into a tree on the South Side.

After being sentenced to 30 days and being given 30 days credit for time served, Rush was sent on his way.

Gun On Halsted

Blake Fisher-Burner, who was found with a loaded handgun in a car parked at Roscoe and Halsted this summer, has entered a plea deal.

Pleading guilty to one count of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon brought Fisher-Burner two years probation and 15 days of community service.

At the time of his arrest, Fisher-Burner told police that he carried the gun to protect himself from gangbangers near his mom’s house.
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