Friday, December 12, 2014


Leo Matias, murdered in Uptown. Image: Fox32
The gangbangers of Uptown claimed an innocent this week.

21-year-old Leo Matias was working for a safety company, swapping out fire extinguishers at a Wilson Avenue flop house at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning. A black 4-door vehicle with blacked-out windows and chrome wheels pulled up and opened fire on a man who was sitting in a Chrysler parked near Matias' work truck.

The intended target—a banger from the South Side's Grand Crossing neighborhood—was not injured. An errant bullet caught Leo in the head and he died the next day.

Leo's family agreed to donate his organs, a move that may save as many as six lives, according to Craig Wall at Fox32.

Matias' slaying has many 19th district officers fired up. One cop wrote, "Here's a young man doing the right thing and has his life ended by punks."

Leo's death is Uptown's fifth homicide of the year. A 400% increase over 2013.

Sadly, the gang-ripped neighborhood's alderman, James Cappleman, opted to focus Uptown's crime-fighting efforts on vagrants and drunks rather than fighting to bring in more cops to handle the real problem. With the 2015 budget approved, don't expect anything to change next year. At least not for the better.


The 25% cut in our police district's manpower leaves local police executives in a tough spot.

Where should they deploy the district's limited tactical teams? To fight burglaries in west Lakeview? To battle Wrigleyville and Boystown's robbery offenders? To counter gang activity in Uptown? To babysit drunks on Clark and Halsted Streets?

Without proper staffing, the district is sure to continue this pattern of solving one neighborhood's problem, only to have another neighborhood's problem run amok. Then the focus will go there and the problems will return to the area where the cops used to be.

Unfortunately, Uptown's problem is measured in lives. Or drunks.  Depends who you ask.
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  1. Ask Rahm. Yeah ... he's the one to ask.

  2. Where are all the liberals protesting the murder of this working young man, or the college student killed last week. No, instead they're protesting for a man who was resisting the police in NY. That's right keep protesting the police, and forget these two men WHO would have provided something good to society. Your community friend Thayer wants to protest the police, but wont talk about the REAL problem. Next time your getting beat up call Thayer or the Lovey brothers, not the police.

  3. Yes, Alderman "Ineffectual" Cappelman...saving the ward from alcoholics and homeless people while gangbangers run streets!
    Worth every penny of that nice raise he just voted himself! (NOT)!!!

  4. The number of shooting incidents might be a better measure of how gang warfare ebbs and flows in Uptown than the number of dead. Unless you're one of the dead.

    Last year had one shooting with five people hit just two blocks east of this murder. Only one death last year with the multiple shootings and victims was a miracle of medical technology.

  5. And sadly, Cappleman, Tunney and the other worthless aldermen will be re-elected. Sickening.

    And I agree....murder rate isn't as important as the shooting counts. Modern medicine has saved plenty of people. Hence, the murders are down, but shootings are up city-wide.

  6. No No No's not about shootings!!!!! Not at all. It's the MURDER rate that counts. Everybody should understand that.
    See --- the murder rate numbers look pretty good. We can tout that 'progress' at every press conference imaginable.
    Plus, we can manage shootings with medical technology. (Unless of course you're one of those who just happened to catch a non-lethal slug and have life-long debilitating injuries.)

    But, what the hell. That's only one voter. And we can have everybody else pay for that expensive E.R. treatment AND have 'em cough up for all of the Social Security benefits too! So why the heck should anybody care about shootings?

    Pay NO ATTENTION to that man behind the curtain. Just close your eyes, click your heels together three times and everything will be just fine. Oh yeah....Don't forget to Vote Capleman / Tunney too!

  7. Where are the protestors? A truly man was murdered. Why aren't they marching?

    Why don't they march for all the kids that were murdered by bangers this year?

    Come on protesters March on the South Side and demand the gang bangers stop shooting un-armed innocent kids.

    No instead you March downtown where you are safe and can get more Starbucks when you get chilly.

  8. While crime spirals out of control, let's take a moment and enjoy the new $60 million park today honoring Queen Maggie. Thank goodness these funds (public and private) were spent on yet another city park rather than hiring more cops.

  9. The intended target of this murder knows who was shooting at him but unfortunately refused to tell the Police. WTF is this world coming to?

  10. He should be charged with obstruction but the enabling justice system headed by Madigans daughter and Rahm don't want that. The stupid people in Chicago keep voting for him and his aldermen. You all get what you deserve if he wins again. And garcia is an Emanuel shill. Fioretti for mayor.