Monday, December 22, 2014

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: No Injuries As Bullets Fly In Uptown

Concerns are high that there is unfinished business among gang members in Uptown this morning after two cases of shots fired were reported in under 12 hours. No one has been hit. Yet.

• At 1:55 this morning, multiple callers “blew up” the 911 call center with reports of approximately five shots fired in the area of Truman College at Wilson and Racine. UPDATE 1:23PM—A passer-by found five shell casings on the sidewalk in the 4500 block of Magnolia around 8:30 this morning. Likely remnants of this incident.

• Earlier, just after 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon, more than a dozen people called 911 to report approximately five shots fired in the general area of Sunnyside and Hazel. Witnesses reported seeing groups of people running in various directions. A gold 4-door car occupied by three individuals was seen speeding through a red light as well.

Two weeks ago, an innocent 21-year-old man was shot dead in broad daylight near Truman College when a drive-by shooting's errant bullet struck him in the head. The intended target in that incident, a South Side gang banger, was not injured. He has refused to assist the police investigation.

Homicides in Uptown have spiked 400% this year under the stewardship of Alderman James Cappleman, who has repeatedly declined to press for a replenishment of the 19th district's decimated police force. Cappleman has instead focused on public intoxication and vagrancy crackdowns.
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  1. Speaking of shots fired, late Friday night/early morning Saturday, we were woken up by what sounded like two 3-round bursts. It seemed like it was around the Disney Magnet School or somwhere along Irving Park Rd and Lakeshore (so, Buena Park/Lakeview). These were not fireworks -- believe me -- and the shots were a bit too loud for pistol rounds. I, like a grouchy old man, looked out the window for 10 min trying to see if there was any activity or police response in the area, but I never saw anything. This is different from the last two times we heard shots in the area when the police showed up en masse.

    So -- long story short, were there any reports of shots fired in east Lakeview this weekend?

    1. We didn't take note of anything. However, we probably wouldn't do so if there was only one or two calls and further supporting information.

    2. Did you call 911? Call back when you saw no squads?