Friday, December 12, 2014

RE-RUN: Woman Robbed At Gunpoint Near Marshall's; Offender May Have Tried Earlier Heist In Uptown

A woman was robbed at gunpoint behind her home in the 800 block of Fletcher Thursday evening and some cops think the same offender tried to rob a woman in Uptown earlier in the afternoon.

In the Fletcher robbery, police say a lone gunman pointed a handgun at the victim in the alley behind her home shortly after 7 o'clock Thursday evening. The woman surrendered her purse and the gunman fled toward Clark Street in Fletcher's south alley. (Case HX538795)

The offender is described as a black man wearing a red hoodie. He covered his face with scarf.

A couple of hours earlier, around 2:30PM, a gunman pulled a handgun on two people in an alley behind the 4500 block of Dover in Uptown. Police say the robbery fell apart when one of the victims fled. The offender ran away empty-handed. (Case HX538438)

The Uptown suspect is described as a black man, 5'7" tall, wearing a maroon sweatshirt. He used clothing to cover his face. Based on the similarity in descriptions and the fact that the first robbery failed, officers suspect the same man is responsible for both crimes.


All sorts of snoops and package thieves continue to pop up around the neighborhood, just itching to take your unattended Amazon deliveries:

• Police were called to the 3300 block of Seminary yesterday evening after a 911 caller reported seeing a "suspicious person" steal a package from their neighbor's home. Police confirmed that a theft occurred, but the suspect slipped away. He is described as a black man in his 20's with a slim build. He was last seen running northbound on Seminary around 4:40PM.

• Around 5:25PM yesterday, a Boystown resident parked behind her home and scared the daylights out of two men who were apparently trying to break in. Last seen running northbound on Fremont from Cornelia were two black male offenders. The first was "dressed horribly" in a baseball cap, pink coat with green decorations, red pants, and black shoes. His cohort wore a black coat, black jogging pants, and black shoes. Both men had backpacks.

• A forcible entry burglary was confirmed by police Monday in the 3100 block of Racine.

• Around 7:30 Tuesday morning, a man reported seeing packages being stolen from his neighbor's house in the 1400 block of Melrose. The offenders were described as a Hispanic man and a Hispanic woman "driving around taking packages" in a small, 2-door blue car that sits low to the ground.
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  1. Terrifying. Disturbing. And unfortunately, all too common.

    I wish like HELL that our area could have the police staffing levels we once enjoyed. It also bothers me that our milk-toast, rubberstamping Alderfools will win their re-election bids…and so will Rahm. They totally suck and are not serving the public. How much more destruction to once-safe neighborhoods will it take? When will we say ENOUGH and march in the street? Heck, two thugs who don’t even live in Chicago have people marching in the street. So….do we march for and celebrate thugs…or do we march against them, and the politicos that seem to care more for the thugs “making a living” (by not hiring more cops) than protecting the public from their crimes?

  2. If I were a package thief, this is the area I would come to steal. Don't underestimate the thieves, they are well aware that we don't have police coverage.

  3. Big reason why so much crime and violence in an upscale gay hood is because gays are notoriously hard left and PC, and this is the type of behavior they've accepted and condoned for years. Now the chickens have come home to rest. Same issues taking place in San Fran and NYC, and pretty much all over the the western world. You'd think gay people, being self-described exemplars of culture and sophistication, wouldn't put up with this crap in their own front yards. Show some balls and defend your identities.

    1. I don't think you know what "hard left" really is.

    2. OK Lakeview can hardly be described as a 'gay 'hood' anymore. Gay-friendly perhaps, but not hardly a gay neighborhood anymore with all the affluent breeders moving in.
      Gay may be progressive politically for obvious reasons but they cannot be described accurately in view the the historical anti-LGBT animosity that have been directed at them for decades/generations.
      Gays don't support police under-staffing and they don't promulgate criminal behavior by career criminals who travel here to prey on unsuspecting pedestrians, many of whom are themselves gay.
      So how do you show your balls and defend your identity?
      What actions do you take to make the community safer for everyone?
      How are you advocating for increased police staffing levels?

    3. Maybe not gay left. But defiantly left. Also a lot of people are clueless to how bad the neighborhood is. They know about hellmont so they just avoid it. They don't realize how bad a wider area is.

      In Lakeview there are a lot of low information citizens. Left leaning people are getting the Police they want. Look at all the protests.

    4. No, the same issues are not taking place in NYC. This crap is not happening nightly in Chelsea nor the West Village. This is a Chicago thing deliberately orchestrated by an inept CEO playing Mayor, and a corrupt, pandering city council robbing police resources from their affluent tax base area in a feeble attempt to get the South and West side off national news. In the end, you will have Detroit with no ratables at all.

      This New Yorker vacationed in Boystown every summer from 2000 to 2013, but does no longer, and told the hotel I stayed why I am not returning at least until 2016, and then only if Rahm is gone, and his policies reversed.

    5. So true. Very passive neighborhood filled with bullsh*t social services. A lack of police isnt the issue, the problem is the element was invited in and they are there to stay. Easy pickins....sad. Arm yourself and hope for the best

  4. Where are the tact teams at? Seriously what a joke.
    A new Tact Lt. is coming in . Hopefully he makes some personal moves. The three Merit Sgts have been way too
    comfortable. But now their man Stash is gone lets see what happens.

    1. Relax tough guy. You'll get off midnights one day.