Sunday, December 14, 2014

NAUGHTY: 7 Arrests At Wrigleyville Bar Crawl

TBOX "Fun" in a screen grab from this short video.
NOTE: Following our post,  two robberies,  a slashing /stabbing,  and the burglary of an occupied home by 3 men were reported. Details of those incidents are now up in a separate report.

Saturday’sl Twelve Bars of Christmas (TBOX) bar crawl went relatively well according to police officers and supervisors who spoke with CWB.

Under pressure from the police department and area residents, TBOX organizers added a significant number of private security officers at their own expense.

Fire department ambulances were kept busy throughout the day and night as "sidewalk inspectors" collapsed on area streets. (TBOX did supply a couple of private ambulances, but their services were limited to drunks who dropped out on the Wrigleyville bar zone proper.)

Major events should be picking up the tab for neighborhood security and event medical services. With our police district’s manpower slashed by 25% in recent years, organizers should control and patrol their own events rather than sucking away first responders from area residents.

Are you listening, Chicago Pride Parade?

CWB estimates that 7 arrests were made in connection with TBOX yesterday, compared to 11 arrests last year.

Here’s the TBOX 2014 play-by-play, with a couple of YouTube videos from The1stmikec:

The Chicago Police Department's big scary bus
is seen on Halsted Street in 2013.
7:26AM — The police department’s Big Scary Bus has arrived. We haven’t seen him in a long time. He even skipped Pride this year.

12:17PM — Winner! Outside of Stretch Bar & Grill, the first person has been cited for drinking on the public way.

12:38PM — Knock out! The first ambulance is summoned to TBOX on behalf of a “half-passed out” drunk woman in the alley behind Moe’s Cantina. Way to go, girl!

12:47PM — On the Einstein Bagels parking lot, security sees a man testing door handles. Description: Male, black, 5’10” tall, 30 years old, wearing a brown puffy coat and goggles.

12:55PM — Bingo! The first arrest of TBOX 2014 takes place at Clark and Cornelia.

1:24PM — Private ambulance summoned for a “highly intoxicated individual” at Clark and Cornelia.

1:26PM — A woman wearing a Santa hat, red sweater, and jeans is urinating under the L tracks at Sheffield and Roscoe “right next to the porta-potties.” In the spirit of the holidays, a man is urinating next to her.

1:39PM — “A man’s down and he keeps passing out” at Belmont and Seminary.

1:41PM — Two white guys “wearing sweaters and costumes” are fist fighting inside Einstein Bagels.

1:43PM — Fire Department reports that the man down at Belmont and Seminary is now lying in traffic. He’s wearing a “bright red, fancy Santa suit.”

1:48PM — Another Santa is reported down in the 3300 block of Seminary. Police give him a ride to Clybourn and Fullerton.

2:32PM — More tickets for drinking on the public way. Outside of Cubby Bear this time.

2:33PM — Elmhurst police are calling. They say a 22-year-old woman is TBOX-ing at Sluggers and she just texted her boyfriend to say she’s feeling suicidal. That's a natural reaction, honey.

2:33PM — Two more arrests—3519 Clark.

2:33PM — “When the [paddy] wagon is done picking up that prisoner [at 3519 Clark], have them back up 100 yards. I have another one.”

Oh, come on, lady. (The1stmikec)
2:44PM — Aaaaand another arrest.

3:54PM — Need an ambulance outside of Cubby Bear. There’s a man down and he’s bleeding from the head.

4:00PM - She didn't, right?  [Tiny VIDEO]

4:02PM — It appears that the police and fire departments have deployed an “overcrowding detail,” dedicated to citing bars that admit too many TBOXers. At least two bars have been cited already.

4:04PM — Festively-dressed man down. 3246 Wilton. Ambulanced to Illinois Masonic.

4:28PM — Another bar gets written up for overcrowding.

4:42PM — At Dark Horse bar, a drunk caller wants the police because the bouncer won’t let her back in.

4:47PM — And another overcrowded bar.

6:19PM — “Male white wearing a white bird costume has passed out on the hood of a car,” 3524 Halsted.

6:20PM — Officer confirms: “I believe an ambulance is warranted. Drunk male. Dressed as a bird. Passed out on the hood of a vehicle.” Birdman gets hospitalized.

6:27PM — Man down outside 706 Roscoe. He’s scooped up and whisked away by ambulance.

6:57PM — Too much Elfin’ fun. Private ambulance needed for a semi-conscious TBOXer at Rockwood Place.

7:38PM — Bar detains a customer for trying to steal a bottle of liquor. It’s not clear which bar is involved. The caller says it’s Casey Moran’s, but the address given is of Deuces and The Diamond Club.

7:41PM — One arrest for battery. Douches Deuces and The Diamond Club.

9:00PM — Aaaand another arrest. Clark and Addison this time.

What's Christmas without nunchucks? (The1stmikec)
9:06PM — Hit and run outside of the 19th district police station. Black SUV is last seen heading south on Fremont.

9:28PM — We got a 45-year-old woman who can’t walk. Fremont and Waveland.

9:30PM - Just some guy whipping nunchuks. [Video]

9:35PM — A resident in the 3300 block of Clark reports an unknown drunk man on her fire escape. He’s wearing a red holiday sweater.

11:07PM — At Sluggers, Megan says a tall white guy with dark hair and dark eyes has been “aggressive to the females.” He was put in a chokehold in the stairwell. She’s upset and just wants the police to know that.

2:21AM — An officer who has had it up to HERE with drunks in holiday gear: “We need ANOTHER ambulance for ANOTHER drunk female. HIGHLY intoxicated. Clark and Eddy, PLEASE.”
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  1. 17 days til New Year's Eve, 93 days til St. Patrick's, and 112 for Cubs 2015 home opener. You have to love (or totally hate) the migratory drunks that make their way to Wrigleyville.

    As for the picture of the female about to urinate in an alley, you, my dear, are one classy broad. Your mom and dad back in Naperville must be so proud.

    1. Many of these TBOXr's are highly educated morons from the city if Chicago or your own Chicago neughborhood. One was fired for her TBOX antics she posted on FB last year....which is highly commendable.

    2. Also, are the Naperville and Kenilworth parents now renting condos in Lakeview for their college educated cilds enjoyment of this event? There were alot of raucous house parties around there starting at about 10am.

  2. I saw a TBOXer passed out in a doorway all the way down where Lincoln turns in to Wells, and as I exited my house last night, a couple of TBOXers had decided to make use of my neighbors porch for some quick romance. Ah, young love.

  3. Saw the private security, but saw at least 35 Chicago Police all together yucking it up by the 'big scary bus'? Why weren't they protecting the WHOLE neighborhood?

    1. I noticed that, too. I bravely took a walk from Waveland south to Halsted along Clark (it's my usual walking route- why should I alter it for a bunch of drunk morons?) and noticed two clusters of police officers, one near the bus (perhaps 25 officers) and, surprisingly, another cluster of about 10 where Belmont and Clark intersect, specifically the Dunkin Donuts parking lot! Yet many of these reports in this article reference places OTHER than in front of the police bus or Dunkin Donuts. That's 35 officers. How about spreading them evenly along Clark, say 3-4 at each intersection?

      Can't wait til the upcoming epic shit storms! St Patricks, Cubs opener, Pride, and any Saturday night in warm weather. Shit.

    2. did anyone call that in or email Elias? Email him pics.

  4. Their Naperville parents don't even remember they exist. Their monthly trust fund checks are mailed by the parents' accountant and the nanny would be their point of contact if they go home.

    I was a former skeptic as to how this innocent sounding event could get so out of control. That was until I walked up Clark Street around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. Good grief, what a parade of drunken human tragedy. Must be many of them waking up quite pleased with themselves today.

    1. Next time they get ogether I'm sure the will be high-fiving each other about how great it was.

      My dad once told me suburban kids were like dogs that had been caged their whole lives and when they get to the city they run around like wild animals barking, sniffing at anything that moves and pissing everywhere.

  5. Honestly it doesn't appear there was that much chaos. It was a great idea by Elias to insist on private security. Most nights we'd be talking about fist fights and robberies in the area. This time there was just a few fights and (as I see it reported now) not many if any robberies.

    1. There were a couple of robberies, a slashing/stabbing, and a burglary to an occupied home. That all took place after 3:30AM. Mostly in Boystown. We'll have those stories tonight. But, yes, we agree that the insistence on more private security was a very good move.

    2. Wrigleyville is a laughing stock.

  6. I don't recall seeing any of this on the news. Oh, that's right! The Lay Out protesters blocking Michigan Avenue took the spotlight.

  7. This all seems very tame compared to the serious crimes continually committed by the southside career criminals who come here to terrorize neighborhood residents. The catty comments being made by uptight old cranks about young adults having some innocent weekend fun are ridiculous. I don't care how many intoxicated 20-something tramps and hipster douches piss on the sidewalk after too many drinks, but I do care about being attacked and robbed by a gangbanging thug.

    1. Good point, but this event does take away police resources. I think it has gone past the “innocent weekend fun” boundary when you realize how many of these young adults ended up in emergency rooms. When you start drinking at 8am and drink until you don’t know where you are at - that’s what happens. I live ½ block off Clark and I am happy to report that I did not see any of these drunks get in a car and drive off, and I was looking for it camera in hand.

    2. 100% agreed!

    3. Can we have your address so they can go relieve themselves at your place? By the way, do you even know what a "hipster" is? None of those meatheads at TBOX are hipsters. And crowd scenes like this - with multiple druken targets - make easy pickings for career criminals.

    4. Yet we didn't really get many reports of crime until the usual times Saturday night...Listen, I can't defend the chads and trixies who go to such ludicrous events, but it's part of the neighborhood culture, for better (money) or worse (vomit).

    5. Agreed, Riz. We all live here for a reason. As you understand, this is about events that suck up resources and deny residents of normal police and fire protections.

    6. But CWB, Cubs games do that all the time in the summer - how is this that much different?

    7. Not true. Cubs games do not pull resources from the district. Police traffic units are brought in and the standard 19th district detail handles the bar strip.

      There is a misconception about Cubs games crowds - that they come in and destroy the neighborhood nightly. That is not the case.

      "[19th district officer Patrick} Gallagher also said that most issues that occur around the neighborhood during Cubs games are not related to the visitors of the game, but he’s still happy to see something new happen to the stadium. “It’s been long overdue.”

  8. A couple of girls dressed in their TBOX best were tearfully giving statements to three sets of policemen near Racine and Newport around 2pm on Saturday. I wonder if they were one of the robbery victims - sounded like they had been accosted.

    regardless, after seeing all of the idiocy around my neighborhood yesterday I certainly felt a whole lot more intelligent.

  9. Complete trash! Seriously, their parents must be very proud. We were all their age once and I wouldn't have been caught dead behaving in such a manner. FYI - these are not kids. These are adults in their 20's and beyond. Act a little more your age and for crying out loud, have more respect for yourselves and for the public that has to witness your gross debauchery. Chicago has become such a drunken cowtown. People here seem to drink as a hobby and sport. No sophistication or class to say the least.

    1. "Chicago has become such a drunken cowtown"
      That's what happens when the bars own the alderman. Don't ever forget that. "Gross debauchery" is very profitable to all the bars who contribute mightily to campaign coffers. Because of this, you will continue to see the shitshows TBOX, PRIDE PARADE and summer weekends.

    2. It's interesting to review the Alderman's contributors. Wrigley bars donate (Deuces is his #2 backer), but Boystown venues are not prominent.

    3. "That's what happens when the bars own the alderman. Don't ever forget that."
      Very true! It always comes down to money. Quid pro quo - a standard in Chicago.

  10. Wow, the young lass in the video clip must have consumed 14 liters of vodka to get that much poundage that intoxicated....

    Yea, I know - not very nice, etc. But hey, anyone who gets that hammered opens themselves up to public ridicule.

  11. According to the age standards used by all the bleeding heart social service agencies, they are all "youths."

  12. LOL You dont say?

    12:47PM — On the Einstein Bagels parking lot, security sees a man testing door handles. Description: Male, black, 5’10” tall, 30 years old, wearing a brown puffy coat and goggles.

  13. Num-chuks are illegal in Chicago...