Friday, December 05, 2014

HO OH NO: Package Thieves Work Nearby Lakeview

Image: Encharter Insurance
As predicted, package thieves have been out in force this week. So far, most reports of thieves in action have come from outside of the immediate neighborhood:

• A bit to our north, in the 1900 block of Belle Plaine, witnesses saw “two younger Hispanic men” get out of a silver “Dodge of some sort” and steal a neighbor’s UPS delivery. That happened around noon on Tuesday.

• Closer to home, at 6 o’clock Tuesday, four people were seen running away with a package from a home in the 2900 block of Halsted.

• Around 8 o’clock Tuesday night, near Clark and Belle Plaine, a caller reported seeing a short Hispanic man with a cross-shoulder backpack get out of a black minivan to steal packages off of porches. A female passenger was “assisting.” The two may have been in the area delivering a free newspaper/ad circular pack.

• Yesterday afternoon, police were tipped off to a gray Mitsubishi that was circling around the area of Paulina and Berteau. A witness saw the vehicle’s occupants pick up packages from two separate homes. Officers were unable to locate the car.

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