Friday, December 12, 2014

DETOXED: Bar Crawl Will Be Good Neighbor, Promoter Says

Image: Chive On Chicago
The twelve-hour-long Twelve Bars of Christmas (TBOX) bar crawl hits Wrigleyville at 8AM Saturday morning.

TBOX has quickly risen to third place on our neighborhood's list of epic shit shows, right behind the Pride Parade and St. Patrick's Day.

After spiraling out of control in 2012, TBOX was tamed in 2013 by cold weather and snowfall. CWB recorded "only" eleven arrests at TBOX last year.

Lots of changes have been announced for tomorrow's event, including the hiring of many, many extra security agents at the insistence of 19th district police Commander Elias Voulgaris.

Also new this year are the establishment of first aid stations; posting of private ambulances; and the placement of public portable toilets.

Private ambulances, first aid stations, and port-a-potties. Sounds like a great time.

The police department is not handing over the reins to TBOX's staff entirely. Yesterday afternoon, 19th district officers were offered the opportunity to pick up a time-and-a-half shift on Saturday. Start time? 3PM.
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