Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CRITICAL: Man Falls From Window During Boystown Party

UPDATE 4:35PM—The Sun-Times reports that the 20-year-old man died at 9:10AM.

UPDATE 7:53AM—NBC Chicago is reporting that a woman has been arrested and faces multiple counts of hosting a party with underage drinkers.
A man is in critical condition at Illinois Masonic Medical Center after falling from the third-floor of a Boystown graystone during a  party early this morning.

Officials on scene in the 3500 block of Wilton said the victim is 20 years old . He reportedly suffered major head injuries and slipped into cardiac arrest. Doctors and Chicago Fire Department personnel were able to regain a pulse.

The incident, which was reported shortly before 1AM, was witnessed by a large number of party-goers and the circumstances appear to be accidental. Detectives are investigating and alcohol is believed to be a factor.
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  1. I live next door to the building the guy fell from. I could hear the sounds of a party when I went to bed around 11:30, but was awakened just before 1:00 a.m to a loud commotion and a guy repeatedly screaming BREATHE BRO BREATHE at the top of his lungs. EMS, fire and CPD showed up within minutes, and took the victim away on a stretcher. Hopefully he's able to recover.

  2. I don't feel strongly one way or the other, but I'm just curious why CWB refers to this event occurring in "Boystown" while all other media refer to it occurring in "Wrigleyville"?

    1. Boystown and Wrigleyville and Gold Coast, Old Town, Streeterville, etc are neighborhoods, not official community areas. As such, they do not have official boundaries. Seemingly the most authoritative source would be the city's "neighborhood" map, but the cit's map is completely bizarre. According to the city, the west side of Halsted Street is not Boystown and the Cubby Bear is not in Wrigleyville. See link below.

      If the incident happened at the other end of the same block, we would have called it Wrigleyville. Chicago neighborhoods are more art than science. They differ from Chicago's strictly-defined Community Areas. Community Areas such as Lake View, Lincoln Park, Uptown, and Washington Park are very precisely defined and are not open to debate.

      So, there ya go.


  3. I understand that underage drinking is against the law, and there were serious consequences here (putting aside the argument that being underage was not the proximate cause of the fall). But does anyone else feel a sense of injustice that someone can face charges for giving alcohol to 20 year olds, while Mr. 7-11 Robber has none?

    1. Just a guess, but its probable that most were underage. Twenty isnt thirteen. I think at that age the responsibility lies with the individual.

    2. Yes, and the injustice is due to the coward owner of 7-Eleven that had more important things to do than show up and put this thug behind bars. It's sad that anyone in the community would continue to spend money at that store, I certainly won't step in there again.