Tuesday, December 30, 2014

COPS: Man Shot At Lake View Gas Station Monday Has A History; Cops Explore Connections

A 21-year-old Morgan Park man who was shot in the shoulder at a Lake View gas station Monday evening is in good condition under police guard at Weiss Memorial Hospital this morning.

Sources tell CWB that 19th district police made contact with last night's victim a week ago after a woman alleged that someone in his car threatened to shoot her near an Uptown day care center.

Police last night were also exploring possible connections to an Uptown shooting that claimed an innocent man's life earlier this month. No one is in custody.

Monday Details

Witnesses say the victim stepped outside after making purchases at the Citgo service station, 4070 N. Clark, when a masked man emerged from a nearby alley and fired four or five shots, striking the victim once in his right shoulder. The victim climbed into his car and had a minor collision with another vehicle as he sped off toward Weiss.

The gunman fled the area westbound on Irving Park Road in a vehicle driven by another person. A witness said the gunman's car was a white Chevy Impala, but the victim said it was a gray Chrysler 200 with tinted windows.

Victim With A History

A CWB source reports that last night's victim was stopped by police in Uptown around 10:15AM on December 16th after a woman reported that three men threatened to shoot her as she dropped her kids off at day care.

In that incident, the woman said three black men dressed in all black chased her and "tried" to shoot her near a day care center at Lawrence and Kenmore. The woman told 911 call takers that she begged the men not to shoot because she had her kids with her.

She said the men fled in a black 4-door Infiniti with a bullet hole in the passenger side. Officers were unable to locate the woman and the 911 call center efforts to reach her resulted in a voice mail recording, sources said.

The sources went on to say that police touring the area for the black Infiniti came across a black 4-door Lexus with a bullet hole in the passenger side and three black male occupants. Officers stopped the vehicle and recorded the stop for their records, but had to let the men go because the victim could not be reached.

That Lexus is the exact same vehicle driven by last night's Citgo victim, sources said.

Exploring Connections

Investigators last night were exploring the possibility that Monday's shooting is a continuation of violence that claimed an innocent bystander's life near Truman College on December 9. In that incident, a South Side man sitting in a white Chrysler 300 with tinted windows was targeted in a drive-by shooting. The gunman in that case shot from a black 4-door sedan.

The intended target was not injured, but a 21-year-old man working nearby was struck in the head and killed.

As CWB reported last week, a series of bona fide shots fired cases has broken out in Uptown since the December 9 incident.

No Connection To Warner

Monday's shooting took place about two blocks from a November 3 gang-related shooting incident in the 1400 block of W. Warner.

Multiple CWB sources report that last night's incident has "no apparent connections" to the Warner matter, which involved rival Hispanic gangs. While shots were fired during the November incident, no one was struck.
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  1. Good to know. I've gone to that station for years as it always has the cheapest gas in the area. There have been some REAL shady patrons there as of late. Literally, the other night I waited for one to finish pumping and leave before getting out of my car. Very loud in various ways and definitely let their presence be known. Good luck.

  2. ....also it was an older black Infinity Beat. To. Hell. If there were bullet holes in it, I would have never noticed as there was too much else going on with it. So this place is their new battleground? Another shame as the employees in there are always cordial which isn't the norm in this city.

  3. Why was a guy from Morgan Park on the far south side doing in Lakeview? Less police presence perhaps?

  4. less than 0.5 miles from the Mayor's house.

  5. I pray that shootings like this will not become the new norm around here but I suspect they will by this time next year. When I consider what we just accept as part of "living in the big city" compared to where we were even five years ago, it blows my mind.

  6. This POS should be sitting in jail until he elaborates on the Truman College murder of a gainfully employed Non-POS.

  7. I wish progressives would stop inviting these thugs into our neighborhoods. They are safe and secure in their high rises using Peapod to shop living of 3rd generation trust funds while the rest of us have to battle it out out there.

  8. It's interesting that Rahm & Company are touting that homicides are the lowest since the sixties thus making it seem like everything is so much better now. Yet, I bet shootings are dramatically up, but people are not dying from their respective wounds due to medical advancements. Any thoughts on this?

    1. A non-fatal shooting is almost always a failed attempted murder attempt. Almost always.
      Except, of course in court. Then it's "I really didn't mean to kill the guy. I just wanted to scare him." Right!

      There is tons of evidence, and a couple of legit academic studies, to suggest that three factors have substantially reduced the number of fatalities in shooting incidents. These are
      - Decreased response times for EMTs
      - Higher quality EMT training
      - Better trauma equipment & drugs aboard the response vehicles
      Some evidence also suggests that today's gang-banging buttheads shoot from a greater distance than was the case quite a few years ago. This has some pretty obvious implications for accuracy. Apparently they believe that a more powerful handgun will overcome the need to actually hit the target.

    2. The location is really a shame - the employees really are decent, cordial and great.
      But, there have been some really shady characters hanging out here morning, noon and night for a good long time.
      NO secret there. NONE.
      Hey CPD....anybody paying any attention here? Not like it takes a genius to figure out that you could scoop up a bunch of little shit-heads at this location. Plenty of obvious equipment violations all over the place. Plenty of other stuff too. No need to bust every cracked tail light. But you sure as hell will haul off a ton of idiots with warrants and parole violations....with minimal effort.
      Neighborhood policing???? Ever hear of that.

    3. That has already been suggested and is logical. The other big issue is we're all paying for this in higher taxes, higher insurance premiums and higher deductibles.

    4. A few months ago I read that the military had sent doctors to Chicago to get experience treating bullet wounds. That has to tell you something. So clearly the trauma doctors and paramedics have a lot of experience treating bullet wounds which has helped survival rates.

      That is why even though the number of shootings is up this year the numbers of deaths is down.

    5. The source cops trust is http://heyjackass.com. They show 2227 with new holes in their bodies and 387 with deadly cases of lead poisoning. If you add in folks killed by other means, 455 homicides.

    6. NUMBER of Murders is lowest since the 60's, but they said nothing of the murder RATE because Chicago population is way DOWN. Therefore, MURDER RATE IS WAY UP.

      That is what that lying snivel, excuse for a mayor won't tell you.

    7. And the advances in emergency medicine over the past 50 years cannot be understated. 50 years ago, an "ambulance" was literally nothing more than a white hearse with a red light on top. If a patient was lucky back then, the hearse (er, ambulance) would have an oxygen tank.

    8. EXCELLENT point about the murder rate. Well done. Thanks for that important thought.
      Does anybody have a real data on the murder rate so that we can hold our dear police command structure and elected officials....accountable....with REAL numbers?
      Alternatively, if somebody will post the number of murders in the city, I'll source the most reliable population data. We can generate the numbers.
      WTH, it's not like the arithmetic is especially challenging.

    9. One other change that is keeping the murder total down is the ubiquitous cell phone. Once the shooting occurs there is an immediate cell phone call for the ambulance. In the old days it often took a lot longer for the EMTs and Paramedics to arrive.

    10. Good luck getting REAL numbers from CPD brass. The FBI dies not include Chicago in crime stats list because the reporting is not consistent with the FBI system that almost every other city used. My gut is that they change it every year to hide the real numbers.

    11. There I fault the FBI.

      They ought to put a big fat footnote in that list that Chicago isn't present because they refuse to comply with federal reporting standards. Try that shit with the IRS or a pharma clinical trial stat with the FDA.

  9. Actually it's about 0.6 miles by foot from the mayor's house.

  10. Don't fret. With the cold weather upon us, this violence has ceased as of tonight and won't commence again until about August, right?

  11. Camden, NJ murder numbers are way down also, to about 330. It had been around 718. But the news report quickly added it is still a horrendous rate for a county with 77,000 residents.

    Chicagoland's censored (or incredibly stupid) press and media, much like Soviet Union's Pravda, can do no better.

    1. I agree....our "media" is very much censored. The time is ripe for a real journalist to step up and blow the lid off all the BS and lies that are being spewed from our idiot mayor and his moron Stupidintendant. They could win a Pulitzer.

      And let’s not forget about our rubber-stamping, totally corrupt Alderfools, who serve only the mayor’s agenda. That’s been going on for decades. Chicago’s Aldermen are WORTHLESS. Why do we have so many of them and spend so much $$ on them for zero results for the tax payers?? They only serve the mayor. What a bunch of frauds they all are.

      If Bob Fioretti, Chewy, or anyone who REALLY wants to run for mayor, they need not look any further than the incredible evidence offered by CWB. Instead, they are pretty much mute,and in my opinion, are just shills for raccoon eyes, pretending that we the people have options other than Rahm. They are barely doing anything in regards to campaigning against this little bastard. It’s so obvious that they are not really trying to get elected.

      Karen Lewis (who I believe didn’t have a chance in hell) at least, she was vocal. She was loud. She got people listening. She got people pissed off about what is going on. She opened a dialog.

      Bob Fioretti & Chewy are almost MUTE. If they were “really” campaigning, they would be in the news every day. I don’t hear squat from either of them. CWB and Second City Cop has offered VOLUMES of evidence for them to use on their platforms. Yet they say nothing.

      Unless Rahm dies of some sort of illness or accident, we can expect him to be mayor of Chicago for as long as he wants. Look at Daley. That POS bastard was mayor for YEARS. The only reason that narcissist stepped down was because he was a breath away from being indicted. We are in the same boat with raccoon eyes.

      My question is this: Who is voting for Rahm and our worthless Aldermen? Do these voters feel that our neighborhoods are safe, that tax-payers are getting their monies worth of services? That Chicago is a good place to live? I love this city and I’m even thinking of moving away. That is the last thing I want to do….but I’m fed up with the crime and BS.

      CWB, thank you for all that you do. I wish you would run for mayor.