Monday, December 22, 2014

BOYSTOWN: Bar Goer Mugged On Halsted Monday Evening

Image: cygnoir on Flickr
A man walked into the 19th district police station at 5:30 Monday evening to report that he had just been robbed in the 3600 block of Halsted outside the Center on Halsted/Whole Foods building.

The victim told police that he was walking down Halsted after leaving the nearby Cell Block bar when he was mugged by an offender who went through his pockets, took $300, and fled in an unknown direction.

Offender description: Male, black, 25-30 years old, 6-feet tall, 160 pounds, wearing a gray sweater and blue pants.

Logged as a strong-arm robbery with case number HX551800.
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  1. Could this aggravation be at the hands of someone a little worred 'cause folks are
    sick and tired of his incompetence?

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  2. Both Rahm and Tunney have virtually no competition for the upcoming election so it's doubtful either one of them are giving our neighborhood any thought at all. When one of them does stop by for a photo op for all they've "done" for us, there will be plenty of sheep to line up for their spot in the limelight.

  3. Tunneys was behind that, almost guaranteed. Typical weasel-like behavior of a cornered little animal who's about to be unseated.