Tuesday, December 09, 2014

BELEAGUERED BELMONT: 2 Robberies Reported; Stabbing Attempt At Parking Garage

Officers were flagged down by a man who had been beaten and robbed of a black duffel bag by two offenders near the 7-Eleven store at Belmont and Racine around 8PM Monday.

An ambulance was called for the man who reportedly suffered a head injury when he fell to the ground. Both attackers are described as black men, with one said to be 5'9" tall, 170 pounds, 30 to 35 years old, and wearing all black clothing.

• Multiple 911 callers reported seeing a man get beaten up and robbed near Belmont and Clark around 3AM Saturday. Police arrived quickly and located witnesses, but not the victim.

According to bystanders, two black men dressed in all black attacked the victim, stole his property, and then fled toward Halsted Street. They were last seen heading northbound on Dayton, the small street that looks like an alley between Halsted and Clark.

No report could be immediately taken in the Saturday incident as police could not find the victim.

Image: Parking Panda

In The Garage

There's been more excitement in the parking garage at 3130 Sheffield, where at least 22 cars were broken into recently.

Police were called to the garage late Thursday night after receiving a report of four men "lurking" inside. Two of the suspects, including one who dropped a knife, fled when police arrived. Two others were questioned and released.

At 10:30 the next night, a security guard reported that a man tried to stab him at the garage. The suspect in that incident is described as a Hispanic man in his late 20's. He escaped in a silver van with a white female driver.
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  1. The odd thing about that 7-11 is that there's almost alays a police car parked in the lot, with cops taking a break and getting some snacks. Awful that we can't feel safe at 8 PM.

  2. Did you see this video, of some poor guy getting harassed on the red line? Just found it on the r/chicago subreddit. Really upsetting.


    1. Those pieces of shit are real tough guys picking on and assaulting an old man. I hope I see the main asshole on street someday so I could sucker punch his stupidly dressed ass. Then I pray he gets up so we can have real fight. Don't think he will do so well with someone only 10 years older than him and years of fighting experience.

    2. WOW, very disturbing and sick. "Hands Up, please don't hit me" I have sent the link to Chicago news outlets. We will see if they have the guts to show it. I also downloaded it in case it gets taken down.

    3. It would be unfortunate if someone already downloaded the video, saved screenshots, and then sent them to his employer at True Religion jeans.



    4. I reported it last night to Facebook (there's a link). Have never done that before, but it seemed right at the time. In retrospect, maybe Facebook is exactly where they belong. If these punks are stupid enough to post their videos to a public site then perhaps the media will be brave enough to give them a wider audience...the general public and the police departments.
      Their parents must be so proud.

    5. Ooooh!! Look at this!!

    6. Each of those waste-of-space assholes would look a lot better with a crowbar lodged in the heads.

    7. https://www.facebook.com/atlas.macboyjohnson?fref=photo

      looks like steve miller at wbbm radio texted atlas johnson about the video he posted. interesting!
      someone commented and wrote, "Boa yall video was on the news". was it??

      johnson's facebook page also has a table full of iphones (and says he has an apple tv)..."Got Anotha Load In" he writes. wonder what that's about?!

    8. Yep! Here is the news report. So glad. Thank you, CBS!
      Why do they not allow comments, though...on certain stories?
      If they're trying to find these guys they only need to look at Atlas Johnson's Facebook page and see that he works at True Religion Jeans.
      Thank you to whoever sent this to the media.

    9. Pretty sure this is the main perp in the now deleted Facebook video (Firefox download helper is a great tool) I gave a copy to CPD.


      Social media is a bitch when it goes against you.

      I contacted True Religion and they said they would forward info on Atl-ass Johnson to corporate headquarters. So now we got one more unemployed loser who is gonna blame everyone but himself.

    10. Now that the coward has been busted, he removed his Facebook page and scurried off into the night in hiding just like they do after beating and robbing residents in Lakeview.

  3. Apparently Spieglefogle, the "Mayor's brain" is okay with living in this building, so what's the beef?