Tuesday, December 02, 2014

AMAZON SLIME: On Probation For Robbery, Man Gets Scooped Up In Alleged Package Theft

Slaughtaire. (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Talk about timing. Just hours after CWB's advisory about holiday season burglaries and package thefts was posted, 19th district officers arrested two men for stealing Amazon deliveries in nearby Lincoln Park.

Travis Slaughtaire, 21, of Uptown is charged with one count of theft after police say they found him near Ashland and Wrightwood with packages addressed to a man who lives in the 1700 block of Diversey. As of noon Monday, court records did not show any charges filed against a 20-year-old man who was arrested with Slaughtaire.

Officers were tipped off to the alleged theft by an observant neighbor.

Slaughtaire is currently serving two years probation after pleading guilty to the March 30th robbery of a man in West Town. Four co-defendants have also pleaded guilty to charges ranging from robbery to theft in that case.

A number of theft charges have been filed against Slaughtaire in the city and Wilmette since he pleaded guilty to shoplifting from the Michigan Avenue Ralph Lauren store in July 2013. All of those charges were dropped when alleged victims failed to show up in court.
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  1. Here's a link to the endless, ignorant, uneducated, unintelligible comments he makes on YouTube:
    He claims to have attended a Chicago charter school and U of I. He has the writing skills of a 3rd grader.
    More of the same on his Facebook page:

  2. Somebody tell me why 1914R a car working Uptown always goes down with the traffic car on a DUI ?
    Then stays down for hours when it's not their arrest? Other cars handle 1914R's jobs
    What is the Scam here? A lot of us are new here to the District but why is this allowed every night?

    1. Ask your Sgt.

    2. If you are really on the watch, you need to address things internally instead of on a blog. You have supervisors, ask them. Ask other officers. Don't call people out on a blog.

  3. It doesn't seem like this guy will ever stop. I'd hope a Judge would understand this and remove him from society, but I fully expect him back doing his thing in short order.

  4. This terrific blog reports this on a routine basis, but no one ever addresses it anywhere else, how people are not absolutely outraged how offender after offender serve !!less!! than !!half!! of their sentenced prison term time after time, and no judge, no state attorney, no parole board, no elected office is ever grilled about this and asked point blank why they believe its acceptable to let bad, bad evil people out of prison not serving anything near their sentences. Murder, rape, robbery, gun charges serving a few months or a year or 2 when they should be in prison for another 5+ years??? We are becoming so numb to this violent and non-violent crime and being so passive and accepting of it, its truly disheartening that the bad guys trample over hardworking, honest people and it appears everyone wants to give them a hand up instead of the poor guy (or gal) waking early every morning to work hard to put bread on the table for the family the right way. God forbid if we speak up, what we are accused of, being insensitive to a certain demographic.