Monday, November 24, 2014

KEEPING THEIR COOL: Our Understaffed Cops Put Up With It

The cameras weren't on:

"Fuck you, Chicago Police. I'll kick your ass."
That's what Jedrze Pitrzak allegedly yelled at a tactical team while raising his fist into the Wrigleyville air on November 8.

When cops approached Pitrzak, the 26-year-old allegedly warned, "Touch me and I will knock you out!"

Contrary to Pitrzak's purported expectations, no officers were rendered unconscious as they arrested the Glendale Heights resident, who is now charged with aggravated assault to a police officer.

"Fuck you! I'm from the South Side."
...Rojah Kimble supposedly said as he walked away from a police dispersement of a vice call in the 3500 bock of Reta.

Kimble's friends tried to restrain him as he climbed out of his jacket announcing, "G, I'm from the South Side, they don't know who they fucking with."

The 22-year-old's charged with reckless conduct 'cuz he allegedly caused cars to swerve, but he really is from the South Side—91st Street, to be exact. He's also on parole after serving time for a 2011 strong arm robbery at Sheffield and School.

"Who the hell are you? You should go fuck with some cab drivers."
...tactical officers say Lee Cain IV announced when they asked why the 30-year-old was loitering inside the Belmont CTA station on November 3. After asking him to receive a ticket in their car, Cain allegedly informed the officers that "he wasn't getting any fucking ticket."

After struggling with the cops, having Taser spikes miss him, continuing to struggle, then getting tazed on the officer's second attempt, Cain said he "didn't think you were the police."

Cain's charged with three counts of resisting/obstructing police. And trespassing.
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