Thursday, November 06, 2014

THURSDAY UPDATE: Latest On Monday's Attempted Gang Shooting

Police continue their investigation of Monday evening's gang-related attempted shooting and other incidents in nearby Lake View. Here is the latest information that we have gathered:

  • Investigators' current prevailing theory is that the attempted shooting may be connected to the shooting of a gang member elsewhere in the city two years ago.
  • Police believe some students with gang connections were "kicked out" of LVHS in the past year. Those individuals are being looked at.
  • No incident at Lake View High School has been connected directly with Monday's shooting attempt.
  • Also of interest are old school gang members who may have moved out of the area as it has continued to gentrify over the past decade.
  • 19th district Commander Elias Voulgaris has deployed members of his tactical teams in Graceland West to keep an eye on things.
  • Residents who live in the area of Monday's incident say they have noticed quick action around Warner Park: Lighting was reported last night and shrubbery and seating have been removed today, according to posts on Everyblock.

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