Tuesday, November 04, 2014

SHAKE-UP: Shots Fired, Man Beaten In Lake View Gang Incidents; Several Detained By Police

UPDATE: A full update is now up. Our original report follows.

UPDATE November 7: A further update is now posted.
A series of gang-related incidents broke out in a normally quiet section of nearby Lake View Monday evening, with at least six shots fired and one man being beaten as the events unfolded between 9:40PM and 10 o'clock.

No one was struck by the gunfire. And an officer on the scene said the incidents were related—part of "ongoing gang things."

We believe four people were taken into police custody during the incident, which appears to have involved predominantly-Hispanic gangs.

A CWB reader who estimates 10 shots were fired on her block reports  a "good response from CPD."

Please note the preliminary nature of the following information:

Police responded to the area of Clark and Southport after a series of 911 calls reporting shots fired and a man with a gun. Officers eventually found six shell casings outside of a home in the 1400 block of Warner.

A number of individuals were detained along Warner and on side streets while others fled into nearby alleys and yards. Initial indications are that the people who were rounded up in the immediate area had been targeted by rival gang members.

Witnesses reported seeing a silver or gray Altima with tinted windows flee the scene westbound. It is not clear if it was involved in the shooting.

As police searched the area, one unit came across a battery in progress near Lake View High School in the 1400 block of Irving Park Road. Several Hispanic men fled the scene in a white van while one or two others scurried into a nearby alley.

Officers believe they located the van minutes later near the Ravenswood Metra Station.

Early information to CWB has two individuals from the van being taken into custody with a third person going in from the 1400 block of Irving Park, and a fourth from Warner.

None of the individuals who were targeted in the gunfire wished to involve police in the matter. Most of them were released after police completed contact cards.

A reckless conduct case was opened at the Irving Park scene, which police say was related to the shooting attempt.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.
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  1. Those contact carded should have been executed on general principle.

    Feel free to play cowboys and Indians in your own EV-D68 infested hell-holes, not here.

  2. Why is it optional to participate as witness if shots are fired and/or people are hurt? Hold them in a cell until they talk. For god's sake we have police who think it is cute to take law abiding citizens to the police station for not having a driver's license on their person, but yet thugs just get let go? Lakeview HS better make sure those are not students.

  3. Police response was initially rather slow. When I called 911 to report the shooting, I was told "someone already called on that," and they hung up. After police found the first group of kids near Warner and Southport, THEN there was a good response.

    It's frustrating because I've called police a number of times when "youths" have congregated in the park, smoking weed, being loud, racing up and down Warner, and there's always been little-to-no response. To be clear, I'm fine with typical teenagers from the high school occasionally being loud and doing teenager stuff as they pass through on the way home. The times I've called police have always been for a much different type of activity.

    1. The park on Warner is officially open until 11pm which is ridiculous. The park should close at Dusk, allowing for the arrest of any "Youth" hanging thereafter.

      In a functional city/society, this is what would be done to mitigate your issue. Unfortunately the lunatics are now running the asylum and as indicated by the qualifier you felt the need to add about unruly teenagers, those with a vested interest in stopping the madness will do nothing.

      Apathy, PC? Who knows but I have just about had enough.

    2. I entirely disagree about closing the park/s at 11PM. At least at a general and conceptual level.

      Here's why:
      Some of us enjoy running, walking, etc., in the later evenings and night (and some of us have different work schedules than the 9-5ers). I'm not sure what is "ridiculous" about public areas being open until 11PM, especially in the summer when it is lighter longer.

      "Punishing" (read, limiting) the law-abiding citizens by closing down public areas based on the actions of a few doesn't make sense in a functional society. I'm not sure you caught the contradiction in your own argument there.

      Most of us (I'm willing to bet) regularly reading this blog share your frustration, and at the end of it, I think what we want is that our neighborhood be open, accessible and as free from violence and crime as reasonably possible.

      To get that result, I don't think we want to be closed in, closed out of or generally prevented from enjoying the civic spaces and other environs that are part of what brought us here in the first place.

      Don't think we're oblivious to the fact that some of these spaces are being appropriated by various groups for illegal activities (thereby, effectively shutting any sane person out of the areas) or that the policies that prevent the abuse of the system are being essentially used (actively or through apathy) to skirt the system, but I think it is important that we have the higher moral and legal ground, and that we muster whatever resources we have to ensure that we regain our access to all areas and can walk, sleep and live in a safer neighborhood than what we've apparently got at the moment.

    3. I don't see a conflict at all between what is right/moral and what needs to be done.

      SHOULD the park be open until 11pm? Absolutely, why not. However back in reality you have a understaffed police department rendered ineffectual by years of political correctness and kow-tow'ing to noisy interests and a complete laughing stock of a criminal justice system that allows these animals to continue roving the streets after being arrested time and again plying their trade.

      So back in this disfunctional Temple Mount of Political Correctness (not the functional one to which I eluded, in which we would be in agreement), the undermanned police need actually need an excuse to throw a gang-banger in jail.

      Provide the excuse, close the park early. Then fight the battle against judges, lobbies, etc that allow for a revolving door prison system.

      We are way too far past the point of staking out the moral high ground. Something has to be done in the short term such that corners belong to the lawful residents, taxpayers & CPD, not the animals.

    4. Well said, or written, as the case may be.

  4. I do believe someone was shot and dropped at the hospital - that is what we were told by the police and we did see a woman stumbling into the alley seeming injured, when we were on the phone with 911.

  5. The first call made to 911 to report the shots was taken seriously, we were told to keep down, that they had multiple calls, they were sending units. The second call, to report seeing a man with a gun outside our home, we were chastised for not having a better description of him. And could we look out and get a better description. Um, I am NOT standing in a f'ing window to identify a man with a gun when I've just heard shots fired!!!! We were, basically, mocked for ducking and covering. FWIW we did have a rough description including clothing and that silly fact that he was holding a gun.

    It did seem like a lifetime for CPD to arrive. I have no clue how long it took from our initial call as I was quite shaken up. We were on the phone with the dispatcher chastising us for our lack of description when the first squad arrived. After that, the street was fairly well saturated with police.

  6. And the OUT Hotel wouldn't have made Halsted safer either. http://nypost.com/2014/10/31/drug-cocktail-killed-man-at-hotel-moguls-home-sources/
    The developer has people overdosing in his bathroom.

    1. Whoa. That's good stuff there, about the OUT hotel mogul ... the hotel will NEVER see the light of day on Halsted Street, LOL.

    2. Pretty sad they bullied the Belmont Harbor Neighbor over the proposed hotel. http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20140224/lakeview/belmont-harbor-neighbors-group-dissolves-after-40-years

  7. It took 7 minutes from the time of the shots until the first squad car arrived. I'm not sure if that's considered fast or slow. But, given that these were teenagers, in 7 minutes they could easily run at least 3/4 of a mile away.

    With a 7 minute response time, CPD should hope that most crime will be committed by out-of-shape senior citizens.

    1. Many DID run away, into neighboring yards. I called 911 to report the shots, which I initially thought came from the alley, when two kids jumped a fence into my neighbor's yard. I told the dispatcher this, who seemed uninterested in anything I told her. I walked to my front window and saw four people running south down the alley, toward Belle Plaine.

      If the time was indeed seven minutes, and that seems fairly accurate, it's deplorable. Every police officer I spoke with last night was great, but their response time -- or lack of resources -- needs to be addressed.

    2. The two calls that we placed, initial shots fired, and then seeing a man with a gun were 5 minutes apart. CPD arrived while we were on the phone the second time and we'd been speaking with her for a bit as, like your dispatcher, ours had zero interest in what we were saying and we had to keep repeating "there is a man with a gun outside of our home and there have been shots fired" over and over.

    3. We, the police, have a saying: when seconds count, the police are minutes away. But seriously, unless a squad was around the corner, 7 min is not a bad response time considering how undermanned we are.

    4. Anon, police poster...with out question the majority of chicagoans support and respect the hard working members of our police force and those of us who keep informed are well aware of how undermanned the dept is and esp 19th district. So i feel the concerns over the response time are not directed at the responding officers rather the delay in response time is clearly a manpower issue or lack there of. The responsibility for the shortage lands on the mayor and McCarthy primarily and our city council and district commander. And with out any qualifications a 7 minute response time is inexcusably far too long and the reason for that delayed response is something that citizens and media alike should be demanding answers from McCarthy the mayor the alderman etc...the biggest problem facing Lakeview is that our police force has been so depleted that criminals are attracted to our neighborhood. Just to illustrate how sparse the patrols in 19 are, based on the aldermans time line cops were dispatched at 9:36PM and arrived at 9:45pm. A cop car travelling at normal speed and stopping for all lights and stop signs could not have been any closer than about 1.2 -1.4 miles away. I say this based on google maps directions if i start my journey at Belmont and LSD drove the speed limit and adhered to rules of the road it would take about 7-8 minutes to drive to Clark and Southport. But the truth is the responding squads headed to the scene were likely travelling at higher speeds and were not delayed because of traffic lights and stop signs. So that leads me to conclude either there were no squads immediately available to respond to a shots fired call or the closest responding squads was no where near the scene and at best was 2 or more miles away!!

  8. The only thing missing in the map is the location of Da Mare's house.

  9. When are they going to fire some of these incompetent bastards at 911 and 311 and get people who are interested in properly doing their jobs and serving the public's safety.

    1. We can't comment to the specific experiences of the readers above. However, 911 operators are trained to maintain their cool in high-stress situations...and ask sometimes stupid-sounding questions. That can sometimes be perceived as boredom by callers who may having one of their live's highest-stress moments.

    2. Second City Cop had a great thread that dispatchers used to be real cops who were too old to work the streets. Now they are little more than operators who, for the most part, aren't very good.

  10. Occupy your park. Occupy your streets. Be visible, be proactive, be THERE. If you see a bunch of unknowns congregating, grab a few of your neighbors and your dogs and go for a slow, leisurely walk. Enjoy a conversation. Have a cup of coffee, play a game of dominoes. Take up space. If you leave a vacuum, they will fill it.