Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ONE DOWN: Man Charged In November 9th Mugging

Welch. (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Derrick Welch Jr, 31, is charged with one count of aggravated robbery in connection with the November 9 mugging of a woman in the 1300 block of Cornelia.

The 28-year-old victim told police that Welch implied that he had a handgun when he confronted her on the sidewalk around 3 o'clock that morning.

Responding officers detained Welch for investigation after seeing him appear from a gangway into an alley about a block from the robbery scene.

After the victim positively identified Welch as the offender, police drove him to the 1400 block of Waveland, where they say they found the woman's stolen purse.

In 2005, Welch was sentenced to Cook County bootcamp after he pleaded guilty to committing a strong arm robbery at Harold Washington College in the Loop.

Welch lives in the far South Side's West Pullman neighborhood.

Even More Things You Shouldn't Say To Cops

Shortly after our report yesterday, we come across yet another wildly inappropriate thing that someone is accused of saying to our 19th district cops.

An officer on routine patrol of the Belmont CTA station on the morning of November 11th crossed paths with Calvin T. Willis.

Willis is accused of launching into a verbal assault of the officer: "You're just a fucking pussy. Fuck you," the 23-year-old bank finance officer allegedly said. The officer says Willis further predicted, "I could kick your ass, pussy," before entering the station and fleeing to the platform.

Willis, now charged with aggravated assault of a police officers, was arrested as he tried to board a southbound train.
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  1. Mr. Calvin T. Willis /Bank finance officer? Is this some kind of joke? Guess his Daddy never had that father to son talk with Calvin about respecting law enforcement officers. What bank does he work at ? The piggy bank ?

  2. Wha choo means, Willis??
    Ha. Let's see who the "pussy" is now!

  3. These youths are good boys and honor students trying to turn their lives around.

    1. Youths?? They're 31 and 23. Oh, wait, I forgot, When it comes to this type of thuggery, anyone under 40 is regarded as a "youth." LOL.

    2. By calling everyone "youths," regardless of actual age, the social service agencies can rake in more funding.

  4. Welch came all the way up here from Pullman to carry out a robbery?
    Talk about willful intent.
    Obviously this wasn't his only expedition to Lakeview nor his only victim.
    So, since he's not listed as a current detainee of Cook County Jail, he bonded out? I-bond?

  5. another good arrest by the entertainment team

    1. OK, you guys can stop patting yourselves on the back now. This doesn't make up for the all the other days at 4am when the watch needed you and you were already home.