Friday, November 21, 2014

PATTERN SPREADS: Another Delivery Driver Robbed

Conservative Outfitters
Area North Detectives believe that a robbery crew that has targeted delivery drivers, including one in nearby Lakeview, struck again this week.

The latest incident took place in the 2700 block of N. Richmond in Logan Square around 8:10PM on Tuesday.

Police issued an alert on Monday after two earlier incidents were connected—one in the 1500 block of Byron and the other in the 4400 block of Mozart.

Typically, the robbery crew displays a handgun, pushes the driver to the ground, and takes the victim's valuables.

If you have any information, contact detectives at (312) 744-8263 and refer to cases HX501548, HX506319, HX511939 or alert #P14-N-195(BA).
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  1. This strong-arm robbery stuff has GOT to stop. It is absolutely a cancer, and it damn well leads to a whole lot of other nasty crime.
    CIBW - Is there any data from CPD showing hourly coverage in the 19th? How many officers / cars are actually deployed (as in working a beat) NOT sitting around the damn precinct, on specific shifts?
    A casual read of the incident reports tells you exactly what you expect. The vast majority of this crap happens between about 10PM and 3AM.
    What does the coverage look like then, vs other times of the day?
    And why oh why do I suspect there's a mis-alignment of resources here?

    1. According to the department, the 19th district's overnight shift is fully (or nearly-fully) staffed. That was not the case in 2013, when the overnight shift was severely undermanned.

      Of course, "fully staffed" is relative. Just three years ago, the district had 25% more officers, so "fully staffed" then would have been much fuller than it is today.

    2. Yeah "Fully Staffed" is about as useful as "Safely Staffed" or "Competently Staffed" or "Shut up and Go Away".
      Now I understand that CPD 19th can't / shouldn't have a ton of people running around responding to every request for arcane statistical information.
      But this is pretty damn simple.
      It's something the precinct commander should be able to answer off the top of his / her head.
      "How many officers are working the beat on each shift?"
      Oh....excluding ANY transferees and ANY Rahm security detail.
      And if we get 'Well it depends on the day'....
      Then great. "How about each day last week?"
      Given the problems we KNOW we had with weekend staffing this summer -
      Anybody want to take my bet that the resources don't match that 10PM - 3AM need?

  2. Should be an uptick in robberies as the Holiday Season draws nearer.
    Ho Ho Ho