Sunday, November 09, 2014

NICE: Robbery Rate Continues Impressive Decline

ABOVE: Targeted patrols have driven this year's
robbery count to more "normal" levels.
BELOW: The month-by-month robbery counts for
Wrigleyville and Boystown since January 2001.
The 10 worst months are red, the 10 best are green.
SOURCE: City of Chicago Data Portal
The number of street robberies reported in Wrigleyville and Boystown last month dropped again compared to 2014, according to CWB estimates.

After three consecutive record-setting years, 2014's robbery count through October is the lowest since 2007.

Intense community pressure on politicians and the police department has resulted in a marked increase in overnight police staffing. 

Officers spent months prowling alleys, making street stops, and executing arrests—sending a clear message to criminals who had feasted on residents and visitors for years.

October's monthly improvement was one of the slimmest of the year—racking up an estimated 17 robberies compared to 21 during the same month last year.

Our October robbery estimate is based on city records and information gathered through sources in the police department.

For statistical purposes, we define "Wrigleyville and Boystown" as the area covered by current police beats 1923, 1924, and 1925: Irving Park to Belmont and Southport to Lake Michigan.
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  1. Great job by the police. And a great job by the polar vortex in the first couple months of the year. If it happens again the robberies should continue to drop as we try to celebrate the holidays.

    1. I really don't think the weather deserves credit as much as the police do. Continue your good work officers-----it is appreciated greatly.

    2. annon, weather is actually a well-known factor when it comes to effects on crime. A cursory Google search returns academic papers, etc., supporting this:

      That isn't to say that the efforts of the police who are doing their job in a dynamic district aren't appreciated, but I do think that the cold weather last winter (and perhaps this one) had a positive impact in reducing the number of criminals on the street (and, on the other hand, reducing the number of potential victims outside late at night).

      On a purely academic note, it would be "interesting" to have seen how crime rates would have been different if we'd had a mild winter, etc.

  2. its only going down sooner because it got cold a lot sooner than last year.... we all know thugs dont like the cold! Too hard to hold a gun when they're shivering.

  3. But why does it seem no better ? Is it that is has spread to daytime, south of Belmont, Lincoln Park , etc ?

  4. Excellent news!
    Kudos to Cmdr. Voulgaris and his officers for undertaking the daunting task of bringing order back to the area especially when so under-staffed and over-stretched.
    And, needless to say, kudos also to CWB for bringing timely crime news to readers in a timely manner!

  5. No matter the weather, crime always escalates dramatically before/during the holidays. The bell rings the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. You'll notice more roaming from car to car on the trains anyway. Let them know you're fully aware. Learn the Chicago stank eye.

  6. Drunk driving must be increasing then. I thought it was yet another incident at Hydrate with two cop cars next to it but noticed they had a female pulled out of her "smart" car. I dunno, maybe she forgot to signal and they needed back up because she became belligerent.

    Always keeping the cops busy around there.....

    1. Good point. Why are there always so, so many uniformed CPD officers schmoozing around Hydrate?
      Pretty friendly with the door staff, popping in before opening, and sitting around outside.
      Too much of a coiincidence.
      Something for I.G. Joe Ferguson to look into.

    2. Right, but when a fight breaks out the "entertainment" team is no where to be found

    3. Seriously? We finally are seeing things go in the right direction and posters think we need some sort of investigation because our officers are "schmoozing" at one of the major trouble points in Boystown?

      I hope they keep schmoozing there, at the 7-Eleven on Addison and on Halsted, and at every business on the stretch of Belmont that has been a problem.

      Keep up the good work, officers!

    4. Damn right! Schmooze it up, boys! Stay as long as you want.

  7. I was referring to the entire Boystown area (no matter how it's borders are defined by the hour), not just Hydrate. Let's spin the wheel and see which place we should pick in next. Ooooooh, the needle landed on Sidetrack today.

    Seems to be sone disconnect in communication via the internet as of late. I think it's high time we all meet in person to hash this out as this gay man has had enough of being patronized by his own. (By the way, Bruce Rauner won.....and I normally hate politics).