Thursday, November 13, 2014

MORONS: Car Break-In At Mayor's Security HQ; Offenders Batter Cop, Flee, Get Arrested

Tip: This firehouse is NOT abandoned.
Oops! Hey, criminals. There are more than 3 square miles of Lake View across which you can probably break into vehicles without much risk of being caught.

But one sliver of land that you should avoid is the old firehouse at 1732 W. Byron. ‘cuz it’s actually occupied by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s security detail command post.

Two morons apparently didn’t know that when they broke into vehicles at the command post around 1:45 this morning. One of the offenders battered an officer who confronted them, then both fled on foot—quickly pursued by far more police officers than most car burglars will ever see.

The officer received treatment at Illinois Masonic Medical Center and cops eventually arrested the moronic duo at Irving Park and Damen.

That's what you get when you screw around with Mayor 5%, the mayor whose home is generously protected by a full 5% of our district's manpower 24/7/365.

By the way, the officers who caught the knuckleheads this morning are the same cops who found the teen with a robbery warrant walking along Newport on Tuesday and the robbery parolee hanging out in a parking garage at Belmont and Sheffield yesterday. Nice work officers.

CPD case number HX505078.

UPDATED 12:53PM: Corrected location of where battery occurred and added case number.
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