Saturday, November 29, 2014

IT'S RAHM'S BIRTHDAY: And He Wants You To Know It

Want to piss people off? Tell them it's your birthday.

Shriek up to the nearest bartender, "It's my birthday! Give me a free drink!" They love that.

But our cop-slashing mayor has no shame. It's his birthday and he wants you to know it.

His one tweet yesterday was an announcement that he'd be turning 55 today.

His one tweet today? Asking you to sign his birthday e-card.

What an ass.

That's the kind of guy who'd slash a police district's manpower by 25%, then take 5% of the remaining cops to guard his house 24-hours a day. (Not guard him and his family. Guard his house.)

Oh, wait. He did—and does—do that.

Yes, Happy birthday Rahm. Maybe this year we'll give you 10% of our cops.
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  1. Ego is as ego does.

  2. Noooo! I refuse to share my birthday with Rahm Emanuel !!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Rahm. Sincerely hope this is your last birthday as mayor.

  4. Happy Birthday to a

    Human and

  5. Someone is fishing for 55 spankings.

  6. Sorry I couldn't get you a gift Rahm. I'm still waiting for my retro check.

  7. I am staggered at the idiocy and arrogance of this "mayor" asking people to sign his own birthday card.
    He stole our police protection, cut our budgets, and performed other acts of mental masturbation on the
    Boystown community. How much more do we have to endure? Please dear God, don't re-elect this fool
    (or his butthole buddy Tommy Tunneys!)

    1. God doesnt re-elect, WE DO. so dont give up the power you are attributing to the big imaginary guy in the sky, get those boots on the ground, no votes in the box and use the boots to kick this arrogant manling out of the 5th floor out onto Clark street and dont stop kicking til he's over the Evanston border. (let the evanstonians finish booting his ass back to winnetka or wilmette or back to whatever northshore rock he crawled out from under.