Sunday, November 23, 2014

DIRTY DOZEN: At Least 4 More Robbed Sunday; 12 Robberies Since Last Saturday

The locations of robberies reported since last Saturday.
Red indicates robberies reported today. Black represents cases
reported earlier in the week. Orange has yet to be confirmed.
The run-away robbery spree continues unabated in Wrigleyville and Boystown, with four people being attacked in just over an hour this morning.

While the media today reports on a police alert about two of this week's robberies, the fact is that at least twelve people have been robbed in the immediate neighborhood since last Saturday.

Here are this morning's victims:

2:50AM, 700 BLOCK OF BRIAR — A man is strong arm robbed of his cell phone. After battering the victim, the offender continues west on Briar, then north on Halsted. Suspect description: Male, black, 5'9" tall, medium build, wearing a white skull cap, black puffy coat, black hoodie, blue jeans, and dark shoes. (Case number HX517118)

3:47AM, BELMONT AND SHEFFIELD — Caller reports that his friend is "very bloody" after being beaten and robbed. Victim is transported by ambulance to Illinois Masonic Medical Center. No suspect description available. (Case HX517143)

4:00AM, CLARK AND NEWPORT — Four robbers claim to have a weapon as they surround a male victim. The offenders take his phone and wallet, then detain and threaten the Wrigleyville man until he surrenders his PIN number. The muggers subsequently make withdrawals at a yet-to-be determined location. Suspect descriptions: Four black men, all wearing hoodies. One had dreadlocks. (Case HX517165)

4:18AM, BELMONT AND SHEFFIELD — A Lincoln Square man is beaten and robbed outside of Big City Tap. The  offenders—described as black men dressed in all black—take the victim's money and phone before fleeing southbound on Sheffield. (Case number HX517661)

4:24AM, LOCATION UNKNOWN — Emergency room workers summon police to Illinois Masonic Medical Center after a 20-year-old robbery victim comes in for treatment. He refuses to file a report.

Earlier Robberies

In addition to this morning's incidents, the following robberies have been confirmed by CWB since last Saturday:

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