Sunday, November 02, 2014

Burglars Confronted, Escape In Lakeview Incidents

A Lakeview man was awakened by the disturbing sight of a burglar opening his bedroom door shortly after noon on Friday. Police responded to the home in the 3600 block of Lakewood, where they found a back screen had been broken through.

According to a neighbor, the burglar made off with the victim’s Macbook and an iPad.

Last seen running westbound was a Hispanic man in his 20’s wearing a hat, black hoodie, and jeans.

Burglar Escapes 1-Hour Police Hunt

Another Lakeview burglar used two CTA buses during his successful hour-long evasion of Chicago Police officers Friday afternoon.

A woman in the 3400 block of Marshfield confronted the burglar—and even took a picture of him with her phone—before he bolted shortly before 4PM.

The burglar dropped “a ton of shit in front of Whole Foods” before jetting off on foot with police in pursuit. After losing him in some yards, they caught up with him again on a westbound bus. But, he hopped off and jack-rabbitted away near the 2100 block of Belmont.

Several sitings by cops and neighbors later, officers called off the search, with the suspect last being seen in the 3000 block of Hamilton.

Description: Male, black, 5’10” tall, short hair, wearing a black peacoat, jeans, and carrying a book bag or backpack.

An officer who saw him later in the search said he had shed the peacoat and was wearing a bomber-style jacket.

Police identified two separate burglaries at the Marshfield location. CPD cases HX489786 and HX489789.
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