Friday, November 07, 2014

CITY RECORDS: Rival Tags Not Uncommon Around LVHS

Spanish Gangster Disciples tag, 4000 block Greenview. #3 on map.
Many were surprised to hear about an attempted gang shooting in a normally-quiet section of Lake View on Monday.

But, CWB has learned, one of the arrestees in that incident told police that he came to the area specifically because he knew that rival gang members frequent Warner Garden Park, located just two homes from where bullet casings were found on Monday.

And, a CWB search of city graffiti removal requests has found significant gang tagging activity in the immediate area of Lake View High School in recent months.

This map shows the locations of eight now-removed tags, which represented at least 3 different street gangs.

City-provided photos of the tags follow.

ABOVE: #1. Latin Eagles. 4200 N Ashland.

ABOVE: #2. 4100 block of Paulina.

ABOVE: #4. 1400 block of Cuyler.
ABOVE: #5. Latin Eagles. 3900 block of Ashland.
ABOVE: #6. Latin Eagles in the 3900 block of Marshfield.
ABOVE: #7. Latin Eagles in the 1600 block of Byron.

ABOVE: #8. 1600 block of Byron.
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