Monday, November 17, 2014

BACK WITH A VENGEANCE: Even *More* Robberies Reported; At Least 6 Victims Since Friday (UPDATE)

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UPDATE 8:50AM—Police have issued a community alert to warn of robberies. The alert connects two of this weekend's incidents to the same group of offenders: Saturday morning's robberies at Clark and School as well as Saturday morning's robbery at Cornelia and Wilton. More info on those robberies HERE.
What a mess. Two more people have been robbed since we posted our weekend wrap-up yesterday afternoon. That brings the weekend total to six robbery victims in the area, with four of them being targeted in  Wrigleyville and Boystown.

Cold weather didn't temper violence citywide, either. According to our friends at Hey Jackass, five people have been murdered in Chicago since noon Saturday.

With two weeks remaining, Chicago's had 24 murders this month. It had 28 in the entire month of November last year.

Woman Chases Robber

The latest to be mugged in our ‘hood is a woman who got strong-arm robbed near on Newport between Halsted and Clark around 5:30 Sunday evening. Police say the offender dropped some of the woman’s property after she chased after him all the way to Clark Street. Good going, girl!

Police searched the area but were unable to find the offender, who is described as a six-foot-tall black man in his 30’s wearing a blue hat and blue hoodie. He was last seen running westbound on Roscoe from Sheffield. CPD case HX509410.

Delivery Driver Robbed At Gunpoint

A bit west of us, a Papa John’s delivery driver was robbed around 6:30PM Sunday on Byron, just east of Ashland. One of two offenders brandished a handgun, taking the victim’s ID, credit card, and about $50 cash.

The robbers were last seen running northbound.

No description is available for one of the men. The other is described as black, wearing a black hoodie that may have had “White Sox-type lettering” reading “Chicago” on the front.

Case number TBD.


As of this report, the known robberies in Wrigleyville and Boystown are:

  • Saturday, 2AM Clark and School/Aldine
  • Saturday, 3AM Cornelia and Wilton
  • Saturday 4AM Belmont and Kenmore
  • Sunday, 5:30PM 800 block of Newport

The two known robberies from nearby are:

  • Sunday, 6:30PM, Byron and Ashland
  • Sunday, 1:13AM, 2600 block of Wilton

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  1. The cold weather stops all this crime in it's tracks though, right?

    1. No, but it usually slows it down a great deal. There is a ton of data confirming that. This weekend, unfortunately, was a notable exception.

  2. The robbery on Sunday at 5:30 actually happened on Newport, closer to Halsted.

    1. Thank you very much. We have updated the story.

  3. Please don't encourage anyone to chase a robber. No personal property is more important than one's health and well being.

    1. You are underestimating victims.

    2. But throttling one of these lowlife cowards sure would would improve my *mental* well-being.

    3. Lest we forget the one in Lincoln Park that chased the offender who, in turn, pointed a gun at her. My guess is that she didn't have a gun because of the "gun ban" here.

  4. An alert was sent out about these thugs. Interesting that the alderthing for ward 44, Tinney Tommey Tunney, has been silent on the matter. Oh wait, maybe we're just perceiving these crimes happened. In any case, I guess he -- no, wait, his staff, not him -- are "looking into it" and maybe we'll hear some official announcement from his office 15 days after the fact. Here's the alert:

    1. I'm sure he is "working closely" with someone about it and that will solve the problem.

    2. Wait .. I'm confused. If TommeyTinneyTunney is "looking into" something, how is that different from "working closely" on the issue? Isn't the net result the same ... that NOTHING is done about ANYTHING?

      I hope he does some debates or community forums or something before the election (but I know he's too chicken-shit to participate in one) - if he does, I will ask him about why he is always "looking into" things and try to identify who he is "working closely" with on community issues.

      If we re-elect this nimrod, or allow him to be re-elected, then we deserve everything we get!!!!

    3. And whatever happened to the Crime Committee? Anyone? Anyone?

  5. There was a community alert? I didn't hear anything about it.

    On the contrary....I hear about community alerts almost on a daily basis on CLTV News - for OTHER neighborhoods.

  6. I'm surprised none of these muggers have caught a bullet yet. Theres over 100k concealed carry licenses floating around out there now, its just a matter of time before they pick someone who's going to pop them.

  7. Crime will not be acknowledged again until after the election.

    Tunney knows that despite his status in a protected class, crime is the one issue that could unseat him.

  8. We need a new alderman one who cares about more than his business, Possibly his customers and the average neighbors in the neighborhood putting up with sky high taxes liquor containers thrown around and letting criminals hang out in this neighborhood on the corners in gangs/ packs