Saturday, November 22, 2014

A REAL TURKEY: At Least 2 More Mugged Overnight

Approximate locations of this morning's incidents.
At least two more people were beaten and robbed in the neighborhood overnight, with a third reported robbery yet to be verified.

In the latest incident, a man was approached from behind and hit in the head with an unknown object near Waveland and Southport around 2:30 this morning. The victim’s friend called 911 and reported that two black men were last seen running eastbound on Waveland with the victim’s wallet and cell phone.

An ambulance was called to assist the victim who suffered injuries to the back of his head. (CPD case HX515854)

Other Incidents

As we reported overnight, another man was attacked and robbed near Clifton and Waveland at 12:30AM. While a police tactical unit stopped three suspicious people nearby moments later, the victim was unable to identify his attackers. (Case number TBD)

We have not yet confirmed the veracity of the third reported robbery. In that alleged incident, a man called 911 at 3:15AM to report that his friend had been beaten and robbed at Belmont and Lakewood by four offenders who fled in a gray van.

Reversal of Fortune

After enjoying an impressive decline in robberies this year, the neighborhood has been experiencing a significant increase in muggings lately.

As of this morning, CWB has verified 10 robberies in the neighborhood so far this month, compared to 11 in the entire month November of last year.
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  1. CIBW - Is there any way we can determine (from CPD) how many officers are ON THE BEAT during each shift in the 19th? It's clear and obvious that 90% of these strong-arm robberies occur between about 10PM and 3AM.
    This stuff is a cancer. It leads to a LOT more dangerous stuff. Fast.
    Officers in the street, working beats, is what we need.
    And if I had to bet, I'd sure as heck bet that we're down more than 20% of beat officers in the 19th.

  2. NBC reported about two of the robberies this morning. Why not all of them??

  3. The local news media may be ignoring the situation in our neighborhood, but it was even referenced on Law and Order SVU ("It looks just like Boystown).

  4. I believe that comment was made by an actor playing a Chicago cop in reference to an open drug and hook-up market in NYC for LGBT...had nothing to do with robberies.

  5. Re: year-to-year stats, what's the difference in days above 32 degrees. Mutts stay in when it's cold.