Friday, October 31, 2014

Victim Beaten Night Ministry By Men Dressed As Women: Report

Again last night, a beating at the Night Ministry outreach program brought cops to Belmont and Halsted.

Calls from the intersection came in hot and heavy just before 10 o'clock, with witnesses reporting fights—some saying a "large group" fighting—in the middle of Halsted from Belmont to Briar.

One victim, found outside of the Marshall's/DSW building, was taken by ambulance to Illinois Masonic Medical Center after suffering "punching and kicking to the face."

A suspect, described as a black man dressed as a woman with blonde hair, was taken into custody after a foot chase.

Others, also described as black men dressed as women, were rounded up along the "Helmont" strip.

For now, it's all included in CPD case HX488774.

We'd ask Night Ministry for their side of the story, but they've previously said that they won't comment on "specific" police matters.
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  1. Couldn't they have just used the restorative justice system like at COH and talked this all out rather than calling the police every other hour? Sheesh.

  2. I just don't understand why all these programs are allowed to go on. After living in Lakeview for 12+ years we have put our house up for sale and are moving to another neighborhood because of all the problems in Lakeview. The Alderman does zero, the CAPs meetings are a joke and the shelters and night ministry go on even though they are filled with criminals waiting to cause crime and trouble in the neighborhood.

  3. It's been a good month since you've posted about them. I'm surprised it's gone this long without some craziness.

  4. Perhaps it's time for these service provider agencies that serve this disadvantaged population of young adults (and stop calling them "youth") to relocate to another transit-accessible area of the city.
    Perhaps around the UIC campus area.
    Continuing to lure this particular population to the Boystown area is problematic in so many ways.
    So now that a number of problems have arisen over the past several years, it's time for these agencies (Night Ministry, Center on Halsted, Broadway Youth Center, etc) to acknowledge them and cease doing the same old thing over and over again.
    UIC will probably be able to provide ancillary services that complement these agencies and better serve this problematic population of young adults.

    1. But then people in UIC will accuse you of being a NIMBY! And we have to have all the social services in Lakeview because they said that while we shouldn't make assumptions about people, the entire south and west sides are inappropriate for social services because they are full of intolerant bigots.

      All we can really do is document incidents (of which this blog is doing an amazing job) and try to hold the social services accountable in the public judgment for failing to adequately supervise their operations. Then hopefully they will decide we are more trouble than it's worth and they will move on their own.

  5. there are never any cops on Helmont until its too late. Why can there be a detail on this strip until this insanity stops?

    1. Not enough cops, no manpower. Cops cannot be everywhere. The department is already operating well below budgeted manpower strength. The mayor has the department operating on a bare bones system. It is only going to get worse too after he gets reelected. I am not saying I want him to get reelected but more than likely it will happen.

  6. At least it's going to be too cold for the criminals tonight. #wishfulthinking

  7. did anybody hear five or six loud bangs around 4am last night? near broadway and halsted area?