Wednesday, October 01, 2014

TONIGHT: CAPS Meeting At 7 P.M.

The October CAPS meeting for Wrigleyville and Boystown will be held tonight, Wednesday, 7PM at the police station on Addison.

• A sergeant from the Bomb and Arson unit will be on-hand to discuss the current situation.

• A CWB reader is unconvinced by the publicly-released results of Alderman Tom Tunney's Pride Parade survey. The alderman's online survey asked 15 questions of respondents. Tunney released some results from respondents who said they live in the 44th ward on Friday. The reader, though, noticed something:
He published the results of 44th ward residents' surveys for some questions, but when it came down to the big question of "should the parade move downtown," he quoted the results of all respondents. The PDF he released only shows answers for all respondents, too. I strongly suspect that 44th ward residents want the parade moved and he quoted full-survey results of "55% say keep the parade in Lake View" to cover up that fact.
According to the reader, the alderman's office is now planning to release additional results this Friday.

As we have stated previously, we would like to see the parade stay in Lake View, but there are very serious public safety issues that must be addressed by professionals....not by Survey Monkey.

• We have also received a little more information about a criminal sexual assault that made news this morning. A police alert out today says a woman was assaulted in the 2500 block of Lincoln late Saturday or early Sunday.

The incident apparently involves the woman whom we mentioned in our weekend update report.

According to information we have received, the victim who been out on the Lincoln Avenue bar strip earlier in the night and contacted police on the street in Wrigleyville. There has been some confusion regarding exactly where the incident took place because there are two bars with similar names in the different neighborhoods.

Sunday night, 19th district officers conducted an operation along the Lincoln Avenue strip. Two bars were cited for serving minors and a third received another liquor violation.
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  1. Why didn't Tunney release the study results at one time?
    This is now a matter of perception. Specifically, how trustworthy is Tom?
    Splitting them up undermines the legitimacy of the study and people may perceive that Tunney is fidging the numbers to suit the bar owners on Halsted St.
    That said, while I support the Pride Parade remaining north at this time, I strongly believe it should stay on Broadway as it moves toward Diversey and completely bypass the Halsted St. strip.

    1. Sidetrack would never let it leave it's just PR for him to even talk about it.

    2. Um, Sidetrack does not "rule" Halsted Street.

    3. Guess you are unaware the pull Art Johnston has in Boystown.

    4. Not impressed with the "perceived" "pull" of anyone here in Boystown. If an individual actually does have such "pull," then they probably need to be investigated, along with others who are allowing said "pull."

    5. Follow the money. Anyone who thinks Sidetrack does not rule Halsted Street is oblivious to how politics work.

  2. If poorly constructed questions are asked, then the survey is not of much value.
    In asking his questions, Tunney's survey failed to differentiate between the "post-parade" activities.
    One post-parade crowd are those who came to watch the parade and linger in Boystown for an hour or three enjoying the day and depart between 6-8 pm generally.
    Another completely different post-parade crowd arrives between 8-10 pm and lingers past midnight and well into the early morning hours.
    Two completely different crowds, vibes, and behavior.
    Ask the right questions and you may get the right answers.

  3. People are aware the Parade is owned by one guy aren't they? Unless I am mistaken. I think his name is Richard Pfeiffer.

    1. That's correct, and in all the many years I've lived here in Ward 44, not ONCE has any type of report been given as to where all the money and donations goes to ... who, where, what organizations, etc.
      Tunney may screech "Shut up! Shut up!" at CAPS meetings, but if you REALLY want to hear someone screech, ask Pfeiffer about the finances of the pride parade. Not one single other American city has a sole, single, individual at the helm of a major pride parade. Most cities have community boards of directors, or advisory councils, or similar systems. Chicago has nothing in this regard. Why is this individual not held accountable for the planning and execution (*and profits from*) this major parade event?

    2. Well Art Johnston of Sidetrack is very connected to that guy so when I say they control things they do control a lot and that is why the Parade won't be moved. It's all about money most of these do gooders and non profits are more about money than anything else. It's unethical what goes on here in Chicago and close to being criminal with all these non-profits.

  4. I suspect that only reason he's "releasing more data" is that it takes quite a while to doctor the 44th ward results for the last question.