Sunday, October 19, 2014

THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMIN': A Weekend Full Of Robberies, Batteries, And More

Our "Helmont" is a little more
The recent trend of weekend robbery sprees continues. This weekend's attacks have hit close to home.

New to the list: A 20-year-old DePaul student was attacked and robbed near Belmont and Seminary along the "Helmont" strip early Saturday. The victim was treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center for injuries suffered during the 2:30AM assault. Case HX472222.

Other weekend reports:


2:58AM — Man walks into Addison Red Line station and reports that he’s been “jumped on.”

3:08AM — 1100 Cornelia: White guy walking around, kicking mirrors off of cars.

8:05AM — Woman in the 500 block of Hawthorne calls 911 for her roommate who reports being sexually assaulted between 4AM and 6AM. She “woke up in a parking garage.” The victim is treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center. According to case information, the incident is alleged to have happened at a bar in the 500 block of Diversey around 2AM. Case HX470915.

10:56PM — CTA employee reports a “teen mob fight” on the Addison Red Line platform. The group is gone when cops arrive, last seen heading west on foot.


12:47AM — Patrol car is flagged down at Newport and Sheffield after a victim has their iPhone snatched. The offender, described as a black male 25-35 years old, wearing a black North Face jacket is last seen running toward Belmont.

12:55AM — Police respond to a high rise at Pine Grove and Irving Park Road after a cab driver says he has been battered and had his taxi stolen. Sports Illustrated's NFL reporter is charged with battery and criminal trespass to a vehicle.

1:20AM — Man calls 911, reports “people are jumping on my friend” at Halsted and Cornelia. Resolved by police.

1:46AM — There’s a guy outside of Philly’s Best, 907 Belmont, challenging everyone inside to come out and fight him. No takers. Resolved by police.

2:03AM — Officers happen upon a man with blood gushing from his head outside of Circuit Nightclub, 3641 Halsted. Ambulance summoned.

2:18AM — Police are flagged down at Newport and Clark by a victim who has been strong-arm robbed by a “group of young black males” in their teens or early 20’s. The offenders flee north on Clark, right through the heart of Wrigleyville's bar strip. An ambulance takes the victim to Thorek hospital. Case number is TBD.

3:02AM — A man reports that he has been robbed in the 3400 block of Sheffield by a group of three or 4 young black men who flee eastbound on Cornelia towards Halsted. There is a significant language barrier and initial reports indicated that a gun was displayed, but that has not been confirmed.  Case number is TBD.

4:33A — Someone just kicked the resident's apartment door in the 3700 block of Clifton. Criminal damage to property report filed.

11:25PM — Someone just got knocked out at Roscoe's Tavern. EMS responds. One arrest for battery. Case HX473226


1:57AM — Man says he was just punched in the throat and had his phone stolen at Waveland and Racine.

2:35AM — Man on the ground at Belmont and Greenview after reportedly "being attacked." EMS transports.

3:49AM — Man approaches CTA employee at Belmont Red Line station, says he just got beat up.

5:00AM — Multiple calls of a street fight in the 500 block of Diversey. One guy is reportedly hit by a bottle. Officers note the activity to be "two groups of drunk mutual combatants." No report filed.

5:47AM — There's a man sitting in the street at Belmont and Racine.

5:49AM — At Belmont and Racine, a caller says a guy just got jumped. He's in the street.

5:57AM — A different caller says a man just stopped them at Belmont and Racine to ask them to call police. He said he had been jumped on and robbed. 25 minutes later, police will report that the man "walked away" from them. No report filed.

6:14AM — Woman has police meet her at Broadway and Surf where she reports being criminally sexually assaulted overnight in the 2900 block of Pine Grove. Officers transport her to Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Case HX473458 is opened.

6:44AM — Remember that guy who got hit in the head with a bottle on Diversey? Well, he's in Illinois Masonic Medical Center and he needs a police report. Aggravated battery case HX473461 filed.
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  1. Hi cwb! I moved up north away from helmont only to hear gunshots this morning in the 2100 block of farragut ave, shortly after 5am :( is there somewhere I can listen to the audio of the police dispatch for that time? I flipped on the citywide after I heard them but nothing came over the radio. They were too busy dispatching to Belmont

    1. Ain't that a pisser? Sorry to hear of the troubles up there. Broadcastify archives the scanner audio. You need to pay a membership fee. Can't remember what it is, but it's not much. Files can be downloaded as MP3s or listened to online.

  2. I welcome all of you to move to Chicago's McKinley Park. It is in center of city, and while not perfect, it seems to be a lot safer than Lakeview. (I am a former Lakeview resident myself....come on in, the water's fine.)

    1. McKinley Park...safer? Sorry, can't get myself to believe that. I grew up in that area (Bridgeport, Canaryville, Armour Square, McKinley Park). Despite the problems Lakeview may have I wouldn't trade it in to move back to the 'hood.

  3. "There's no crime. What crime? Lakeview is safe! There's no shortage of police officers in Lakeview," said Tom Tunney, 44th Ward Alderman, as he applies for his concealed carry license.

    1. Oh, THERE'S someone I would trust conceal carrying!

  4. does not need concealed carry he is a alderman.

  5. Wow what a shithole neighborhood this has turned into. What happened is it the new bosses here? Like the new coach for the Bears that are just making thing worse???
    Something needs to Change. Not safe, Not good.

  6. If we can have safe passages to hundreds of schools, how come we can't ensure you don't get beat up on Belmont? I feel like a concerted, sustained effort could reverse this course.

  7. In the incident Sunday morning at 1138 W. Belmont, 5:30 a.m.,the victim, who was disabled by pepper spray, sprawled in the middle of Belmont/unable to see or move,, described his attackers as two male (African Americans). Said he was pepper sprayed, beaten and robbed of his wallet and cell phone.

    1. Thank you for the update. Hopefully, he filed a report later.

  8. And once again, mainstream media (NBC) has reported two whole robberies in Hyde park, but not a peep about the dozens up here. What the hell is going on here? What is the real reason none of our robberies (or burglaries) ever get reported when they are being reported elsewhere?

    1. Seems a lot of this has to do with our area being an "entertainment district." The bar owners don't want people to stop coming here and spending money. If word got out about all the crime & mayhem, people may stop coming.


  9. Any idea where the two "groups" of people fighting in the street on 500 Diversey would have come from? Are there any bars open that late over there? Did they come from the Lakefront/Park? This seems like a strange place for a street fight.

  10. Why the hell are police officers not on Belmont from 8pm to 7am every weekend night!!! There should be cars parked right on the corner of Belmont and Sheffield, there should be a car designated to that area this is just unacceptable!

    1. Seems the "powers that be" have relinquished Belmont & Sheffield over to the gangs & criminals. It no longer belongs to belongs to the criminals.

      Truly sad.

    2. There are always several officers parked about a mile north protecting Rahmbo's home from the attack of the killer tomatoes.

  11. This would be wonderful if our district could assign a beat car to Belmont/Sheffield on weekend nights. However, every unit needs to be on the street answering calls, due to our districts ongoing manpower shortage, RAP status, etc.