Thursday, October 09, 2014

OH BOYD!: For The Third Time, Woman Is Charged With Stealing Wallets, Phones From Bar Patrons

Jessica I. Boyd, 26, was arrested Saturday for allegedly stealing wallets and cell phones from revelers at Big City Tap, 1010 Belmont. It's the third time Boyd has been accused of stealing from customers in local clubs since December.

When police arrived at Big City, a woman told them that she caught Boyd with her hand in her purse, trying to take the woman's cell phone. Security detained Boyd, who immediately "began throwing wallets, cell phones, and a purse to the ground," according to a witness.

Officers identified three victims at Big City, all women who reported their wallets stolen. One also had her cell phone taken. All property was recovered and returned to the victims.

A fourth victim's purse was also recovered, but police were unable to immediately locate the owner.

Boyd, of the West Side Garfield Park neighborhood, is charged with three counts of theft of lost/mislaid property and one count of theft. She's free on a $1,500 I-Bond.

Déjà vu
If Boyd's name sounds familiar, it may be because we've mentioned her before. Boyd was arrested on August 17 after she allegedly stole a man's wallet while he partied on the dance floor at Hydrate nightclub in Boystown. That theft charge was dropped when the victim failed to show up in court on September 26.

Early this year, DNAInfo Chicago reported that Boyd was "charged with stealing phones, wallets and keys" on December 28, 2013, from people at Berlin nightclub, 954 Belmont, and Roscoe's Tavern on the Boystown strip.

According to DNAInfo:
Boyd wore a fitted button-up shirt and slightly baggy pants. When [Berlin security] told her police had been called, she allegedly started to unbutton her clothes — revealing a sports bra and "fitted underwear" stuffed with wallets, keys, credit cards and iPhones, [security] said. She then loosened the elasticity of the underwear to let the items drop out...
Boyd is described as black, 5'1" tall, 160 pounds, with brown eyes and medium-length black hair.
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  1. No risk all reward!

  2. Thank you for the update! We will be on the lookout for her!! She has been in our above listed establishment before and when we caught her, she had stacks and stacks of credit cards and phones. It was ridiculous! She should not be roaming the streets anymore! She has really made a lot of people's lives more difficult because of her theft in this neighborhood!

    1. Thanks to the revolving-door judicial system, known REPEAT offenders are foisted upon us to wreak havoc on our neighborhoods. This pisses the hell out of me. I work, pay taxes, patronize the local establishments, but yet savages like this our free to roam our streets and prey on my neighbors.

      So far, it seems she hasn't beaten crap out of anyone, but what's stopping her? She has learned time & time again, that she can do whatever the fuck she wants and there will be little or no penalty for her. Sick.

  3. I would say at her height, she knows her advantage and most patrons don't even see her.

  4. Perfect example of the (police) catch and (judges) release program here in Crook County.

  5. Just curious.....would it be a violation of Boyd's civil rights for these bars to BAN this woman from entering? Others have been banned from bars before. Why do these bouncers let her in? She's now a known entity - seems like it would be easy to stop her at the door.

    1. I tell you what, if this thing comes to my business and gets in, I'll kick her ass into the lake. End of discussion. I don'[t really give a damn about Boyd's "civil rights."