Thursday, October 23, 2014

CLIPPINGS: Lincoln Park Alderman Says Police Are There, "You Just Can't See Them"...And Other Tidbits

Some updates, notes, and the like:

Reporter Suspended

Sports Illustrated football reporter Robert Klemko has been suspended for four weeks after being accused of carjacking and battering a cab driver in Lake View early Saturday morning.

Klemko, 27, is said to have been "cooperative and remorseful throughout" SI's internal review, according to a tweet by the magazine's Peter King on Thursday.

Image: Ghost Police

The Invisible Police?

Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith lives an interesting fantasy life. When residents expressed concern at a recent community meeting about police staffing levels, Smith told them
"We have had increased patrols…Sometimes you don't always see it."
Good Lord. That line might even embarass Tom Tunney. Are  police deploying invisibility cloaks in Ms. Smith's ward?

Of course,  not. And there are not increased patrols.

A few days ago, there was a shooting down the street from Smith's house, which lies south of our police district. One neighbor,  quoted by DNAInfo Chicago said:
"Some people get very frustrated by [the police] response time. There's a level of frustration because it really is a quiet neighborhood."
Oh, the police are responding, ma'am. You just can't see them.

And will Smith push for more police during the on-going city budget process?
"I’m still looking at the city budget," Smith said. "It's really all a matter of choices and resources."
Yes. The choice of an elected representative to not take a stand on behalf of her constituents. That's the choice that she will make. Just like so many other pure rubber stamp aldermen will do.

Sensible minds have to wonder, why do taxpayers pay over $105,000 a year to each of 50 aldermen when at least 40 of them vote exactly in line with the mayor's wishes on literally every piece of legislation? And remember, the job of alderman is part time by law. And includes a pension.

Burglary Reports

• Monday, 1:43AM — Man breaks into a garage in the 3100 block of Seminary. He is described as black, wearing a black hoodie, and riding a bike.

• Wednesday, 7:22PM — Forcible entry to the first-floor apartment in the 800 block of Fletcher

• Wednesday, 9:49PM — Forcible entry to the second-floor apartment in the same building on the 800 block of Fletcher.
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  1. Sensible minds have to wonder, why do taxpayers pay over $100,000 a year to 50 aldermen when at least 40 of them vote exactly in line with the mayor's wishes on literally every piece of legislation?


    Yes! That very issue, that nepotistic, incestuous Machine .. that IS the damn problem. The solution?
    Voting Booth and just a few courageous, righteous, civic-minded, unSELFISH pols.

    Anyone have clues as to weak, injudicious, soft judges of note to pass over on the ballot?

    1. It is always important to go into the voting booth with a list from a good source. The Chicago Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association and Chicago Council of Lawyers are good places to start. Search "Chicago Council of Lawyers (or Chicago Bar Association, etc) Judicial Qualifications November 2014". Check them all out and once you find a source that you like, always take their list into the booth and follow it for any candidates you are not familiar with. It is too important of a position to vote on with no information. If I forget my list, I don't vote for any judges unless I have personal experience or knowledge about the candidate.

    2. Thank you very much!

  2. I wonder if when the alderman is looking in the mirror he says "I see dumb people?"

  3. Sorry...but when I said that Tunney, Cappelman, and Schiller are all douchebags, I meant to say Tunney, Cappelman, Schiller and Smith are all douchebags. I apologize for the previous omission.

  4. Ah, you finally caught on to Rahm's newest policing strategy: With apologies to Ray Bradbury, the Cloaking Device.

    From the University of Rochester: "... but this lens setup prevents objects from being detected optically. To achieve this invisibility and allow the background to be seen, the scientists had to carefully coordinate the power of the lens with the distance from one another. "This is the first device that we know of that can do three-dimensional, continuously multidirectional cloaking, which works for transmitting rays in the visible spectrum," Choi added.

  5. Ald. Michelle Smith, NEEDS to hit the unemployment line, people!

    Let's show her the door, in the next election!

  6. It's outrageous that we pay all that money for rubber-stamping, mindless idiots. MOST of our Alderfools are worthless. What a HUGE waste of tax-payer's money. Get rid of half of these ddo-nothing loser and hire some more cops.

    And cancel the 2015 Chicago Fire Fest.

    1. The city needs to hire our neighborhood arsonists for the 2015 Chicago Fire Fest to ensure the fire will get started. Perhaps Rahm's aide who lives at Belmont & Sheffield can make that recommendation?

  7. With crime in Lakeview, and more importantly, dozens of people getting murdered each month on the South and West sides, is this the highest and best use of scarce law enforcement resources?:

    "CTA train riders will be subject to random baggage screening next month as a part of a new security initiative to sweep for explosives at transit stations, Chicago police and CTA officials announced Friday morning.
    Starting Nov. 3, mobile explosives screening teams consisting of up to six Chicago police officers will be positioned outside the turnstiles at some transit stations, said Nancy Lipman, commander of the department’s Public Transportation Section"

    1. I agree, with the option to refuse search and leave the station, what's to stop a bomber from walking 4-6 blocks to another station. Seems to me random, optional screening won't prevent anything.

  8. The citizens across the city really need to organize, and protest (peacefully), and in every neighborhood. These politicians don't care, they can't sympathize, and believe or not, the police do sympathize but they can't increase their own manpower numbers. These politicians need to be frightened.

    1. Frightened of WHAT? They will all be re-elected.

  9. Not a single politician should be reelected. Not a single one. Not a judge, not a clerk... They don't deserve it. Vote anti-incumbent.