Thursday, October 02, 2014

BLOTTER: "Stack of Jeans" Stolen In Shoplifting Raid; Battery At Center on Halsted

The Express store at 659 Diversey. (Yelp!)
Some of the incidents reported to police this week:


1:47PM - Employees at the Express store near Diversey and Clark report three offenders just ran into their store and took a stack of jeans. Workers say these are the same offenders who went into the store last week and attacked an employee with a Taser.  The offenders are described as two black females and one black male who were last seen driving away in a red Pontiac.

3:40PM - Woman at the Addison Red Line station reports that a man pushed her and took her phone while on-board a southbound CTA train. She got her phone back, but the offender slipped off the train at Sheridan.

4:09PM - A real estate agency in the 3800 block of Broadway reports that a teenager came into their office under the pretense of selling candy, then grabbed a cell phone and fled. No arrest.

5:26PM - Officers meet with a battery victim near Howard Browns Aris Health, 3245 N. Halsted. The victim reports that two known offenders jumped on him and beat him up near the Center on Halsted about 15 minutes earlier. Report taken. Descriptions:
1) Male, black, dressed as a woman, 21 years old, tall, slender, gray hoodie, skinny jeans.
2) Male, white, dressed as a woman, orange hoodie, glasses, hair tied up, black nylons, flip flops.
6:11PM - Forcible-entry burglary confirmed in the 900 block of Oakdale.

10:10PM - Two forcible-entry burglaries confirmed at a residential complex in the 2500 block of Bosworth.


5:26AM - Burglary confirmed, 1400 block of George.

11:58AM - At the Diversey/Sheffield Starbucks, a woman wants to turn in some "found property." The property? Ammuntion she found in the street.

1:27PM - The Center on Halsted battery victim calls 911. He has spotted the two men who beat him up. They are at (brace yourselves!) the Center on Halsted! It appears that the offenders are gone when police arrive.

And, finally…

Many have said that the "knockout game" is just an urban legend, not a real thing.

According to our recent conversations with officers, though, it appears that the Chicago Police Department gives the "game" some credence.

The officers have told us that CPD gang investigators recently found social media conversations about what "may be the knock out game." The postings do not refer to areas around our neighborhood, but districts across the city are briefing officers on the gang unit's findings.
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  1. I work nearby and have seen those two at the COH frequently.

  2. I was getting my haircut at Slades around 2:45 on Tuesday when a 16-18 y.o black male came in selling candy. He was selling it at $2 a bar when everywhere else it is $1! Thought coming in to a business to sell to that businesses customers was not allowed.

    1. I ALWAYS laugh when they say they are raising money for some sports program. The money would be better spent on an education.

    2. I bet Greg Slade, the owner, had a stroke and cursed the guy out for coming into his barber shop.
      How annoying. And often it's a 25 year old "youth" claiming to be selling junk for his "high school basketball team" or some such nonsense.

      Besides ... we gay men here in Boystown wouldn't be interested in buying fattening sugary high fructose corn syrup junk food like candy!!! Lord have mercy!!!

  3. I saw the candy guy at Center on Halsted on Tuesday morning.
    He was trying to get into the offices on the second floor but was stopped by the staff.
    I had a feeling he was there to steal.

  4. A word to the wise....if a random kid is "selling candy" or "raising funds for a basketball team," he's usually looking to distract you so he can steal something or worse. Do not engage.

  5. Of if they ask you for the time, a light, etc. I don't trust anyone on the street anymore. Anything to get you to reach in your pocket, your purse, just keep on walking.

    1. ....or anything to get you to stop for 3.4 seconds (take their picture under a tree in the darkest part of the street, uh, no)'s a shame that's the way it has to be.

  6. I saw 3 of the "candy guys" divvying up candy among themselves behind my building, in the alley/parking lot, around 5.25pm on Monday. There were 3 young black men, in jeans and tshirts, all with bags/duffels. They sat back there, chatted, divvied up their candy, and discussed their route. I'm thankful they threw away the larger packaging from the candy into a nearby dumpster rather than leaving it on the ground, but I don't believe they're selling this candy for any school sports team. They looked to be in their early 20's. If they were doing something wrong, I would have called the police, but they weren't doing anything illegal that I could see.

    But I do keep an eye on my back alley/parking lot, and have no problem calling the police when I see illegal activity. Whether they come...that's another thing entirely. I have called when I saw someone methodically going through the Ulta dumpster behind the store (that is CHAINED SHUT with 3 chains, btw), and though the guy was there for at least 30 minutes after I called, no one ever came. I understand this isn't a violent crime, but that then speaks to having too few police to respond to calls. I have spoken with a manager at Ulta and am aware that they have reported this issue many times as well.

    Regardless, I will keep up my Mrs. Kravitz-like watching of my alley/parking lot, and call the police when necessary.