Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BANGED UP: Sports Reporter Thought He "Might Have Broken His Finger" During Alleged Taxi Incident

Klemko (AOL)
Sports Illustrated NFL reporter Robert Klemko did not escape an alleged weekend “cabjacking” unscathed, according to court documents acquired by CWB.

Before officers knocked on Klemko’s apartment door to introduce themselves, they overheard Klemko talking on the phone, explaining that he “might have broken his finger while fighting with [a] cab driver.” Klemko was also heard saying that he “then jumped into the cabbie’s cab and drove away," according to their report.

Shortly after his arrest, Klemko was treated and released from Thorek Hospital for bruises and abrasions to his face.

In the police report’s play-by-play, it’s alleged that Klemko got out of the cab at his Lakeview condo building, engaged the 36-year-old cab driver in a “verbal altercation,” punched the cabbie in the face, jumped into his cab, and drove off. Officers located Klemko by tracing the credit card he used to pay his fare.

Klemko is charged with misdemeanor battery and criminal damage to vehicle charges because the alleged victim, “didn’t want him to ‘have a felony record,'” the police report says.
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