Saturday, October 25, 2014

BAD FORTUNE: Feds Raid Uptown Restaurant

News outlets reported liberally of yesterday’s federal raids on a group of restaurants in Chinatown. None mentioned that an Uptown restaurant was raided, too.

Members of the Chicago Police Department’s Joint Terrorism Task Force executed a federal search warrant at 11AM Friday at 4832 N. Broadway, the address of Lao Sze Chuan Uptown.

Lao Sze Chuan is part of the Tony Gourmet Group chain, which had several properties targeted by police, FBI, and IRS agents yesterday.

The raids were part of an “ongoing investigation” and no arrests were made.
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  1. Very happy to hear about this.
    I dined at two LAO establishments it struck me a a very sleazy organization.
    I was tempted to report them to Lisa Madigan.

    1. I was going to post that that whole strip has a sleazy vibe to it (especially the slow place that burned to the ground and sat like that for two years) but I didn't want to offend or unnerve.

    2. sleazy in what way? my first thought was human trafficking but just a guess...not based on anything i've heard. there's a foot massage place in lincoln park i have a similar feeling about...

    3. Care to elaborate?


  3. money laundering mr. hu 10 restaurants opened in 5 years.