Thursday, October 02, 2014

A TALE OF TWO NINNIES: During Arson Wave, One Alderman Steps Up, Another Punts

Remnants of two mattresses lie against a Wrigleyville garage Wednesday.
CORRECTION: The mattresses were NOT removed.  Someone stripped out the metal elements and the "carpeting"  is what remains.  Adjust our story accordingly.
Considering the current arson outbreak in Wrigleyville and Boystown, you'd think the city would proactively pick up giant flammable items that are lying around in area alleys—or, at least, take action when tipped off to such materials. Right?

Yesterday morning, one neighbor found two large mattresses behind her Wrigleyville garage. She sought help in removing the items from two area aldermen: 44th ward Alderman Tom Tunney and 46th ward Alderman James Cappleman.

Her home happens to lie in Cappleman's turf. His office's response?
Good morning [name], For better assistance please contact Streets and Sanitation at 312-744-5030. Best, 46th Ward Office
To hijack one of Cappleman's favorite lines when questioned about police staffing, "I'm just a social worker. What do I know about arson and mattress removal?"

Now, look at the response from Alderman Tunney's office. Remember, the reader doesn't even live in Tunney's ward:
Hi [name}, Thanks for letting me know.  This is part of the 46th Ward, so I have alerted Alderman Cappleman’s office and they said they will get it picked up today. Best, Erin L. Duffy
Lords knows we've clubbed Tunney on his handling of many important issues. However, we are pleased to see that he and his office are taking this arson issue seriously. More than a couple of readers have told us that Tunney's office responded promptly to reports of problematic materials during the current arson spree. He and his staff deserve recognition and thanks for that.

By the way, the reader got home last night and found that the mattresses had been removed, replaced by a heap of discarded carpeting.
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