Friday, October 17, 2014

TASTE OF HELMONT: NSFW Vid Shows Fight, Sizzling Stun Gun

The blue sparks of a stun gun are seen in this screen shot
from a video  recently posted to YouTube.
Update October 18: The video has been removed by its owner.
New video on YouTube appears to show a fight outside the Belmont Red Line station early on the morning of September 28.

As CWB reported later that day:
12:32AM - Several reports of 15 people fighting outside of the Belmont Red Line station, heading east. One participant reportedly has a Taser. She is said to be running toward Halsted. A sergeant arrives and can't seem to locate any disturbance.
12:49AM - Officers find the victim from that dust-up on Belmont. She has not been tazed (although the offender did have a Tazer). On the other hand, she and at least one companion were pepper-sprayed during the incident. Ambulance summoned.
This video will not be winning any awards, but the sparks and sizzle of a stung gun are readily apparent around the 2 minute 20 second mark. Plus, this gives ordinary folk the opportunity to experience a little taste of what makes "Helmont" so special.
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